The Web of Politics:
The Internet's Impact on the American Political System

By Richard Davis G'83, G'87
225 pp. Oxford University Press. $18.95The Web of Politics explores the Internet's influence on politics and whether it will upset traditional political power in the United States. Davis, a political science professor, demonstrates how influential political figures and the media have already adapted to the Internet, assuring that this new medium benefits them in their struggle for power.

By Susan Schwartz Hubbard '74, G'84
200 pp. University of Missouri Press. $17.95
In her latest collection of stories, Hubbard probes women's relationships with men by spinning tales in which ordinary things become magical and ordinary people, extraordinary. Hubbard demonstrates her marvelous ability to mine the power of imagination in these stories of suspense and subtle grace.

Parental Leave Policy and Corporate Culture

By Mindy Fried '72, G'75
207 pp. Temple University Press. $16.95
Parental leave policies are increasingly common in corporate America. Through an examination of one major U.S. corporation, Taking Time analyzes the effects of workplace culture on parental leave policy. Fried raises numerous issues that must be confronted to create truly progressive, family-friendly corporations.

By Petrina Belsito Aubol '55
181 pp. SterlingHouse Publisher. $11.95
Drawing from personal experience in the small-market radio business, Aubol tells the story of Marissa Palmer, a woman who finds herself managing and owning a radio station in a small rural town. Marissa is faced with one adventure after another as she tries to adjust to country living, which she finds far from relaxing.

The Intimate Public Worlds of New York's Literary Women

By Nina Scheuerlein Miller '83
292 pp. Oxford University Press. $18.95
In Making Love Modern, Miller examines the literary works of such women as Dorothy Parker and Gwendolyn Bennett in an effort to find the modern meaning of love. The cultures, styles, and prominence of the women vary, but each one's work contributes much to defining modern femininity, relationships, and selfhood.

A Love Story

By Karen Romano Young '81
181 pp. Greenwillow Books. $15
Romano Young introduces young readers to Daisy Pandolfi, a 15-year-old dedicated to restoring her family's dilapidated 1957 Volkswagen Beetle. As her work on the car progresses, Daisy's life is filled with new experiences that teach her about the importance of letting others into her life and heart.

By Alexis O'Neill G'74, G'86
40 pp. Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. $16
In her highly acclaimed first book, O'Neill shares the tale of Emily, a little girl with a voice so loud it cracks windows, shatters plates, and rattles the neighbors. It also leaves her parents at their wits' end. This nautical tall tale takes readers on an adventure filled with ships, whales, and a loud little girl who becomes a heroine.

By Lisa Geurdes Mullarkey '88
192 pp. Dial Books for Young Readers. $15.99
This debut novel for young readers fires the imagination and tingles the spine. Through the spooky description of an unforgettable Halloween, Mullarkey presents young Laura Adson and her best friend, Cara. The two are obsessed with the idea that their neighbor, Mrs. Blackert, is a witch, and spend a thrill-filled holiday trying to prove their case.

By Joan Elizabeth Goodman Illustrated by Dominic Catalano G'91
32 pp. Boyds Mills Press. $14.95
It's nap time, but Bernard isn't sleepy. Mama sings him a lullaby and puts herself to sleep. Papa tells him a story and falls asleep in his chair. Now Bernard is the only one awake. How he finally takes a nap will surprise young readers.

Wildfires and the People Who Fight Them

By Karen Magnuson Beil '71
64 pp. Harcourt Brace. $18
Magnuson Beil presents true stories of men and women battling wildfires across America. Inspired by her husband's work for the U.S. Forest Service during his student days, Fire in Their Eyes takes young readers on an exciting journey of deadly fires and the heroes who conquer them.

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