We're always looking for better ways to stay connected with our alumni. There are so many things you should know about, and while this section of the magazine tells you about some of our plans, it can't possibly keep you informed about everything.
      For those of you with access to the Internet, we urge you to check our web site at http://sumweb.syr.edu/alumni/ to find alumni news that either doesn't fit into the magazine or isn't available in time to be printed. Beginning in the spring, you'll also find the Class Notesand In Memoriam sections from the most recent issue of the magazine. The new design was created by SU's Electronic Media Communications.
      On the web site you'll find links to other campus news. For instance, if you plan to visit Syracuse, you can look for coming events. Be sure to visit the What's New section for late-breaking news. Among the other headings you'll discover: Alumni Clubs, Alumni Career Services, Alumni Online E-mail Directory, Alumni Association, SU Sports Information, Alumni Travel, Alumni Programs, Calendar of Events, Alumni News and Publications, and Alumni Database Update. There's also a quick way to e-mail us.
      Don't be shy; we welcome your suggestions. Let us know what you think of our site!

Lil Breul O'Rourke '77
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

It's going to be big! You won't want to miss Reunion '99 from June 4 to 6, so start planning now. While we are currently investigating ways to reshape Reunion, in 1999 we will hold to the traditional format by honoring classes ending in 4 and 9, starting with 1924 and going through 1979. The Class of 1949 is our special 50-year class.
      You can look forward to class luncheons, meetings with the dean of your college, a Reunion Alumni College that features informative and entertaining lectures, exhibitions of alumni and student work, and news of the Arents Pioneer Medal and Eggers Senior Alumni Awards.
      We hope you'll visit campus if you haven't done so lately. Spring is a wonderful time of year in Syracuse and campus is all yours. Our new home in the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center will be open and fully staffed to welcome you. But even before you arrive, don't forget we need volunteers to help organize class events.
      News flash! You can register for Reunion online. For more information on how to do this, check our web page at http://sumweb.syr.edu/alumni/Want to talk to somebody about the plans or your participation? Contact Elaine Cardone in the Office of Alumni Relations at 1-800-SU-ALUMS (782-5867).

In 1991, it was such an obvious move that Doug Cagwin '41 of Fayetteville, N.Y., was amazed no one had ever suggested it. Why not start an alumni club for graduates of the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science? In less than a year, a steering committee of 30 enthusiastic alumni did just that.
      "We feel our purpose is to be of service to the college and the University by raising funds for them," Cagwin explains. "We're not primarily a social organization, although we have held tailgate parties before football games. It's nice getting to know people you wouldn't have known otherwise because you were in school at different times."
      Recently the club added 150 members for a grand total of nearly 500 donating members. Over the years members have raised $28,000 and funded 13 partial student scholarships.
      Their involvement is more than a financial one, however. Members often visit high schools to talk about engineering at Syracuse. "We also act as mentors to undergraduate students," says Cagwin, now a club associate director. "We've had great success matching alumni with students interested in specific disciplines. It's something we enjoy doing, knowing it helps the University."

Many alumni have asked about the possibility of obtaining license plates that boast of their affiliation with Syracuse. We think it's a great idea! Currently there is no standard SU design for plates.
      Some alumni groups, such as the Northern and Central New Jersey alumni clubs, are trying to develop SU alumni license plates. Experience shows that it usually takes a large group of interested alumni to make this happen. Check with your nearest club to see if such an effort is under way.

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