As a professional international marketing consultant to colleges and universities worldwide, I get to view many alumni magazines. I am happy to report Syracuse University Magazine ranks among the very best-in content, design, and interest. Keep up the super work.
                Bob Topor '58
               Mountain View, California

In the past I have found many of your (topic-driven?) stories on alumni to be fascinating. In fact, your magazine, with its great variety of well-written SU-related stories, has been much more readable than my other two alumni magazines. Unfortunately, the Spring/Summer 1998 issue you worked so hard on came across to me more like a glossy, self-touting brochure for a Fortune 500 corporation than an alumni magazine.
        Debbie Clark '78
        King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Your new format is terrific. Keep up the good work.
                  Peggy Mucia Fulton '72
                  Santa Monica, California

Since moving from Central New York to New Jersey, my visits to the SU campus have been limited to "virtual visits" on the Internet. I was thrilled to open the Fall 1998 issue and find a comprehensive and well-written tour of campus. I spent an enjoyable half-hour recalling legend and lore, and architectural points of interest. I've shared the tour booklet with some of my colleagues in campus information services and undergraduate admissions here at Rutgers University where I work. I hope soon we can create a similar quality piece. Thanks again for keeping my memories alive.
                  Rebecca M. Killeen '92
                  Edison, New Jersey

Thanks for such a terrific magazine. I've been meaning to write a note for some time, and the Fall 1998 issue finally hit home and moved me to do so. I especially would like to say I loved the walking tour insert. It's been 11 years since I graduated and that same amount of time since I've been back to campus. What a nice way to have us all still feel "connected" to SU. Kudos, too, on the reaccreditation and visionary direction.
          Kimberly Mitchell '87
          Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I absolutely loved the list of "Things Every Syracuse University Student Should Do" in the Fall 1998 issue. I checked off 26 things I experienced as a student at SU. (I highly recommend going to Skaneateles in early fall or in the spring.) The list made me realize that when I return for my reunion next year I'll have to experience the Dinosaur's famous barbecue.Thank you again for the wonderful trip down memory lane.
              Tammy Levinson Venzie '94
              Pelham, New York

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