In the white-walled design studios of Slocum Hall, lights routinely burn around the clock. Hunched over drawing tables, architecture students like Jason Costello '99 work perhaps the longest hours of any undergraduates, laboring for five years to earn a bachelor's degree. "The work ethic is legendary," Costello says. "You're earning a professional degree and a bachelor's degree at the same time, so it's grueling. But there's a definite sense of pride here. You can feel the passion of the architecture students and faculty."
      School of Architecture Dean Bruce Abbey recognizes that this legendary work ethic and the incredible dedication and vision of the faculty have made the school one of the nation's finest. "A truly distinguished School of Architecture must have talented and intelligent students, a dynamic and productive faculty, a clear sense of mission, and, above all, successful alumni," Abbey says. "Syracuse satisfies all of these criteria and our future is extraordinarily promising."
      This would please George Comfort Fisk, who 125 years ago struggled to assemble a rudimentary architecture faculty for the University's new College of Fine Arts. Even for a man of influence—Fisk was a fervent fine arts advocate and catalyst for the Metropolitan Museum of Art—this was a tall order. The year was 1873, the nation was in a severe economic depression, and the University was in its infancy. There were few guidelines for launching an architecture program and no experienced professors for hire; this was one of the country's first three architecture programs and the first to offer a four-year degree.



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