f e a t u r e s

T E N    Y E A R S   A F T E R   
P A N   A M   1 0 3
     (pdf file)
This special series of articles looks back at the terrorist bombing and how it still has a major impact on SU and on our lives.

A R C H I T E C T U R E    A T   1 2 5      (pdf file)
The School of Architecture celebrates 125 years of success, from its modest beginnings to the building of its renowned reputation.

I N V E N T I V E   M I N D S      (pdf file)
When SU researchers make innovative advances in their fields, they often undertake the challenge of pursuing a patent.

M U L T I- M A J O R S      (pdf file)
The University's interdisciplinary studies programs allow students to explore interests and devise multi-majors that meet their needs.

C O V E R   P H O T O   B Y   S T E V E   S A R T O R I
Remembrance Scholar Maia Rodriguez '99 places a candle in Hendricks Chapel during the Convocation for Remembrance Scholars. Each of the 35 scholars carried a candle in memory of the Syracuse students who lost their lives in the Pan Am 103 bombing.



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