Chancellor_Shaw I hope every recipient of a Remembrance Scholarship will be called upon to explain its meaning to a future employer or other interested party. The question will be asked. This, the highest honor a Syracuse University student can receive, has deep meaning here on campus. It is truly the living legacy of the 35 Syracuse students aboard Pan Am Flight 103 who lost their lives in the terrorist bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988. But to the world at large, its import is less clear.

So I hope a scholar's response to such a question will be something like this: "I earned this scholarship because I made it through a rigorous selection process. It included three essays, a hard-hitting interview, and evidence that I had achieved more than just a high grade point average."I demonstrated that I had the drive to ensure I had a full educational experience. That meant I had to have some real leadership experience and a commitment to public service. I had to show that I could think well beyond the textbooks and papers required in the classroom."

I had to show I had imagination, creativity, and the will to make a difference with my life. In short, I had to have some of the same qualities that the 35 students who died over Scotland 10 years ago had in great measure."

It may not be expressed in an interview, but I hope each recipient also understands that Remembrance Scholarships are the result of gifts and bequests made by hundreds of alumni and friends of Syracuse University. Their foresight combined with the University's determination to keep fresh the memory of the tragic loss infuse this fund with deep, personal meaning.

All of our endowed scholarships are greatly appreciated by the institution and the recipients. But the Remembrance Scholarship is a piece of the fabric of this place, a piece that recipients carry out into the world. I hope they do so with great pride and great resolve.

Kenneth A. Shaw
Chancellor and President

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