Steve Sartori

Sharing a Unique Bond

As you read through the pages of this magazine, you realize that this issue of Syracuse University Magazine is truly special. In this inaugural year, Chancellor Cantor has asked each of us to reflect on what Syracuse University means to us individually. As we strive to learn about what the soul of Syracuse is composed of, the stories here are just a glimpse—a slice, if you will—of that soul.

The alumni stories on these pages are an inspiration to us all. These real life stories and experiences, when taken together, help form the basis of what it means to be an alum of Syracuse University. That unique bond allows us to understand and relate to one another as we live our separate lives knowing that we share a common thread.

This commonality that we share exists with different opinions, beliefs, and values. Each of us, however, can take comfort in knowing that, collectively, these differences strengthen not only our University, but our society as well. As we strive to be better individuals, we collectively raise the bar for what it means to be an SU alum. I am proud to be an alum of Syracuse University and that pride is emulated in what I have found in the soul of Syracuse.

Wishing you all an enriching and joyous holiday season.
With warmest regards,

Donald C. Doerr ’85, G’88
Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations

Alumni Happenings

1. Joanne Fogel Alper ’72, Syracuse University trustee and Alumni Association president, met up with Otto during Homecoming Weekend in October.

2. Alumni and fans shared a moment at the Orange Friendzy tent before the Buffalo-SU football game in September. Pictured, left to right, are Irene and Robert Loweth ’37, Gerald Kelly ’65, and Scott Setek ’90, G’92.

3. New board members of the Alumni Association visited the Orange Grove during Homecoming Weekend. Pictured, left to right, are Jason Brooks ’98; Lawrence Bashe ’66, G’68; Patricia Mautino ’64, G’66; Richard Reeves ’71, G’72; Jason Yaley ’05; Travis Mason ’06; and Jonathan Hoster ’02. New board members, not pictured, are Mindy Stockfield ’93 and Mitchell Messinger ’92, G’93.

4. During an alumni trip to Italy in October, travelers toured the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

5. Alumni Award winners were honored by Chancellor Nancy Cantor and Alumni Association president Joanne Fogel Alper ’72 at the SU-Florida State University football game during Homecoming Weekend. The winners were Holmes Osborne ’98; Dick Calagiovanni ’70, G’99; Brian Spector ’78; Jim Martin ’79; Joani Frankel ’68; Claire Burke ’91; Ruth Small ’64, G’77, G’85; Keith Smith ’83; Beverly Vaughan ’54; Joan Litke ’54, G’66; and Rob Fish ’79.

Photos courtesy of the Office of Alumni Relations
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