Throughout Europe this day a three-minute silence has been held in memory of all those who perished in the terrorist attacks. Special services are being held and prayers said for all affected by this tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the families of your former students. A candle is burning in the foyer of Lockerbie Academy with a card placed beside it “In remembrance of all the innocent victims who perished.” A minute’s silence was held in school and, throughout the day, students—and some of them our wilder ones—have been coming down and stopping to look and remember. God be with you all and grant you His peace.

Sandra Marshall
Lockerbie, Scotland



September 11 is not to be remembered as a time of weakness, but as a time of great loss and concern for our fellow man and the ones we love. Today we all suffered together, and I am thankful for those of you who mourned our nation’s loss with me.

Mike Bevivino ’02
New Hartford, New York

The next time I hear about the uncaring attitude of today’s college students, I will remember the photo of the candlelight vigil (printed in the Syracuse Record), see the line of people who tried to give blood at Maxwell, and remember how you answered the call when asked. I am so very proud, in the midst of this awfulness.

Lynn Oatman
Senior Secretary to the
Dean of the College of Law
Syracuse, New York


  Frank Cammuso ’87 Reprinted by permission of The Syracuse Post-Standard

Courtesy of VPA Professor Yvonne Buchanan

As a resident of Lower Manhattan, I am devastated and depressed about the tragic events that have happened to my fellow New Yorkers and my neighborhood. Everything got stripped away in a matter of hours—human lives, shops, businesses, and the Twin Towers, the main symbol of the city. I sympathize for those who have lost their loved ones, but I also empathize with those who share an emotional and physical connection to New York City.

Annmary Yuen ’04
New York, New York

I trust that we will use this awful event to love our fellow man more, love and treasure our families more, and love God more, and respect and honor Him for who He is, and who He has always been: the only one that can heal us, comfort us, and strengthen us.

Dale Williams Hill ’81
Los Angeles, California

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