My husband’s union, SEIU 1199, which represents SU employees, also represents many of the workers both at the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, who are janitors, window washers, etc...300 are presumed dead, thousands have lost their jobs. These are poorly paid people who will probably not enjoy the government handouts being given to wealthy businesses to rebuild. The union is raising funds for their relief. Despite our sadness about the victims, we are completely opposed to U.S. military action against countries in the Middle East, Asia, or Africa over this terrorist act. There is no justification for wantonly taking innocent life or for destroying the infrastructure in very poor countries. Such a plan will never work as a deterrent to future terrorism, it will only ensure its continuance for at least another generation.

Linda Alcoff
Professor of Philosophy
Syracuse, New York


When I woke up today and realized I had not dreamt this, I was overcome with a profound sense of sadness....These terrorists struck at the symbolic heart of America—its business and its bounty—its World Trade Center. I now regard those thousands entombed in the towers as martyrs to the American dream and the American cause. I see them entombed in a destroyed American symbol—which must now be rebuilt by the nation. As a New Yorker, it is something I will expect and insist on from our government and its citizens. I want a national response.

Raymond von Dran, Dean,
SU School of Information Studies
Syracuse, New York



John Trever ’65 Reprinted by permission of the Albuquerque Journal

Every thought that is not of the tragedy seems to me like a horribly selfish waste of my thoughts. So I watch, and I wait. For what, I’m not certain. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s worth waiting for because time has stopped for me. “Business as usual” is a phrase that today sounds awkwardly optimistic, but what I wouldn’t pay for September 11 to have been just “business as usual.”

Michael R. Sandy ’03
Rochester, New York



We have prayed to our Buddha in the temple for your families’ well-being.

Kwang-Berm Lee
former SU student

I hope that the world will see us as a people who picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and continued to carry the flag of hope to the rest of the world.

Wilder J. Leavitt ’86
Bethesda, Maryland

Doug MacGregor ’79 Reprinted by permission of the Fort Myers News-Press

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