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Third in a Series
Nearly 5,000 graduates of the College of Nursing are members of the Syracuse University Nursing Alumni Association (SUNAA). As association president Jan Pedersen G’91 sees it, each and every graduate has an obligation to spread the word about career oppoqtunities in professional nursing. “There are so many enticing career choices today,” says Pedersen, director of professional and graduate admissions for the College of Nursing. “Young people may not even entertain the thought of a career in nursing.”

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      Nurses teach, prescribe medication, conduct research, manage companies, and act as health care consultants. The problem, says Pedersen, is that many young people don’t choose nursing as a career because they don’t know or understand all of the things nurses do. As a result, the nation now faces a critical nursing shortage. “We’ve encountered nursing shortages in the past,” Pedersen says. “This time seems particularly dangerous, as the decline in enrollment in baccalaureate nursing programs continues for the fifth year in a row.”
      Pedersen believes it’s important for young people to learn from experienced professionals about the rewards of nursing. For that reason, SUNAA’s main focus is to establish mentoring relationships between nursing students and professional nurses, to help students learn about nursing as a career and to guide new graduates just starting out.
      About 50 nursing alumni already have expressed an interest in becoming mentors. Many students will have an opportunity to select their own mentors at a series of alumni get-togethers. Some students will select a mentor based on geographic location, while others will base their selection on a nursing specialty, such as pediatric oncology or gerontology. “It doesn’t matter whether you live nearby or across the country,” says Pedersen. “We can connect you with a nursing student or graduate in your area, or long distance via e-mail.”
      Nursing alumni interested in mentoring a current student or new graduate, or speaking to potential students in their area, should contact Pedersen at 315-443-4272, or e-mail jmpeders@nursing.

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Florence program 40th anniversary celebration in Syracuse included: Marshall Segall (director, '82-'83), John Clarke Adams (founder of program in 1959), Nirelle Galson (executive director of DIPA), Michael Calo (director, '84-'86 and '96-'97), Donald Mills (director, '81-'82), Theodore Denise (director, '67-'68 and '76-'77), and Thomas McKay ('80-'81). We are sorry to report that John Clarke Adams, an influential figure at SU for decades, died on September 10, 2000.

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