Thanks so much for the terrific article on the Syracuse University Marching Band (“Strike Up The Band,” Fall 2000 issue). Many of us have a special place in our hearts for this outstanding organization. Hats off to the current musicians, directors, and support personnel for keeping the traditions alive.
                Bill Fredrickson G’84
               Kansas City, Missouri

Read with interest your article “Staging a Comeback” (sidebar to “Strike Up The Band,” Fall 2000). I must, however, disabuse you of the notion that my father, George Wainwright ’28, played tuba at any Homecoming game or at any other time during his illustrious music career.
      He worked his way through college and law school at Syracuse playing the banjo and was University song leader at Archbold Stadium. For away games he joined the marching band playing the soprano saxophone. It was this rare, tiny, curved instrument that he faithfully brought back each year to the Dome until he was in his nineties. I had the honor and pleasure of accompanying him for his last performances there with the SU Alumni Band.
        William M. Wainwright ’65
        Brockton, Massachusetts

This publication is wonderful. Everyone involved in its production should be proud of such an interesting, informative, quality publication. As a staff member and parent of an SU freshman, I find it especially enjoyable.
                  Cindy Purtell
                  Syracuse, New York

In reading through the Fall 2000 issue, I came across an error that really bothered me on a personal level. In the article “University R.A.P.E. Center Reaches Out to Combat Sexual Violence,” I was pleased to see mention of the theater group Every Five Minutes, of which I was a founding member in fall 1992. What bothered me was the mention that the group was named in 1995. I know that such co-founding members as Karen Siger (VPA ’93) and Rebecca Levin (VPA ’94) would join me in my concern that the hard work and trailblazing we faced that fall semester were overlooked.
      Every Five Minutes was formed in 1992 by the mutual efforts of VPA graduate and undergraduate drama students, as well as a liaison from the SU Peer Sex Education Committee. Every Five Minutes is one of the projects that I look back on most fondly from my college years. As theater majors, it was an amazing experience to use our art form in a productive way to positively benefit the student body at SU. Our performances at fraternity houses and residence halls were the first of their kind on campus. I’m happy the group we worked so hard to establish continues to thrive.
          Reay Kaplan Schloss ’93
          Atlanta, Georgia

I am thrilled to see that an ice rink is finally a part of the Syracuse campus. To me this has been a long time coming. I have never understood why winter sports do not play a larger part in campus life. Having a rink on campus presents terrific opportunities.
      I hope that hockey players who were in school when I was will take some interest in this development. I know you’re out there, so why not get in touch about what this means for SU. I can be reached at 81 Cole Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201; 413-499-2112;
      I’d love to hear from other skaters who follow winter sports. Many, many thanks to the Tennitys for their marvelous gift.
              Edward Wilder ’72
              Pittsfield, Massachusetts

I am concerned that you decided that—of all the hate groups Mr. Pallassino refers to in his article (“Harbingers of Hate,” Summer 2000 issue)—you would publish the actual URL for only the homophobic page attacking my late cousin, Matthew Shepard.
      Although I am certain none of you share such Neanderthal views, providing free advertisement for these cretins was a poor decision.
              Will Shepard G’95
              Evanston, Wyoming

When bemoaning conspiracy theorists (Opening Remarks, Summer 2000), don’t forget the “vast right-wing conspiracy” suggested by Hillary Clinton and James Carville, politically expedient labels but reflective of the views of a certain slice of the electorate, nonetheless.
              Vince Phillips G’81
              Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Great book. Fabulous art direction. Your “Earth, Fire, Art” article (Spring 2000) could stand up to anything, anytime, on any newsstand.
              Chet Hansen ’39
              New Canaan, Connecticut

In the Campaign Update article “Student Athlete Fund Grows” (Summer 2000), a donor was misidentified. A. Mark Winter is a member of the Class of 1973.

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