Photographs courtesy of SU Archives
The New Oval, 1904.

In The Hill: An Illustrated Biography of Syracuse University (96 pages, Syracuse University Press, $39.95), author John Robert Greene G’83 notes that it seems “everyone’s favorite view of the campus looks high across its panorama, as it sits high upon a hill just to the south of the City of Syracuse.”
      With its diverse architecture—ranging from the majestic Crouse College to the ever-recognizable Carrier Dome—and 130-year history as an institution of higher learning, Syracuse University evokes a wealth of memories and images among its students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends.
      Greene, author of the last two volumes of SU Press’s five-volume history of SU, takes readers on a photographic journey through time, capturing the institution’s spirit and rich history.
      What follows is a sampling of the photographs that appear in The Hill, courtesy of Syracuse University Press.

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