Thank you"—two simple words that convey so much. In my position at Syracuse University, I have the privilege of working with many alumni who give their time, talent, and resources to benefit our University. Often I feel I don't say "thank you" to them nearly enough.
      We are guided by the Alumni Board of Directors, ably led by board president and University Trustee Michael Somich '73. The board advises this office in setting policy and implementing programs. Our board members are deeply committed to helping us serve you and for that I am most grateful.
      Across the country we have alumni club and council leaders who give countless hours of service to Syracuse University. These volunteers organize events, welcome new students, and fund scholarships, to name just a few of their activities.
      To those of you who are already involved with SU as volunteers, you have our gratitude and respect. You are an important part of our continued success. We welcome the involvement and support of our alumni and encourage you to get involved and stay involved with SU!

Lil Breul O'Rourke '77
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

There are students who maintain strong ties to Syracuse University after they graduate. Then there are students like Naomi Marcus '02. Just beginning her college career, she has already established a bond with the SU alumni community.
      Marcus is an active member of the Syracuse University Student Alumni Association (SUSA), a student volunteer organization sponsored by the Office of Alumni Relations that serves as a link between students and the University's 220,000 alumni.
      For Marcus and her fellow student volunteers, SUSA's appeal lies in its ability to bridge generations. "It sounded like a different kind of organization," Marcus says. "Alumni share their experiences with us, and we keep them up-to-date on what's going on here right now. It really opens doors for students and alumni."

Enthusiastic SUSA members making plans for next year's activities include: front row, from left, Katie Fifield '01, Naomi Marcus '02, Elizabeth Abrams '01, Alison Nathan '00; second row, Dana Twyman '01, Ida Siegal '99, Kristin Kuntz '99, Danie Moss '99; back row, Mark Chorazak '00, and Grant Loomis '01.
      According to Scott Setek, associate director of alumni relations, the group sponsors an array of campus activities—Career Connections Night, this spring's revival of the Dance Marathon, Orange Day, among others. Members also stay active with community service projects, and volunteer at least one hour a week in the alumni relations office. This year SUSA planned and hosted many Homecoming Weekend activities. "The goals of SUSA include providing leadership roles for students, providing career and mentoring opportunities for students, connecting and networking with Syracuse alumni, and maintaining traditions and a sense of pride in Syracuse University," says Setek.
      Danie Moss '99 says taking an active role in Homecoming Weekend was a milestone for SUSA. She and past SUSA president Kristin Kuntz '99 saw it as a good way to promote the organization. "Homecoming is a great opportunity for us to interact with alumni," Moss says. "People don't always realize how much they can learn from other generations, so an organization like this is mutually beneficial."
      Senior Alison Nathan has been pleasantly surprised by how interested alumni are in what is happening on campus. "They are very proud of their association with Syracuse University, which is inspiring to see," she says.
      Marcus says being active with SUSA has already made her think about how her relationship with SU will evolve. "SUSA opened my eyes to the fact that the SU community goes far beyond the 15,000 people that are here now," she says.

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