By Joseph Bruchac '66
310 pp. University Press of New England. $22.95
Through magical storytelling, Bruchac returns the area now known as Vermont to what his Abenaki grandfather called Ndakinna, a place unbounded by maps drawn on paper. The conclusion of a trilogy that includes Dawn Land and Long River, The Waters Between continues the stories of such characters as Young Hunter and his wife, Willow Woman. Informed by the stories and the living Abenaki language, it is a novel for all ages.

A Complete Study on End-Time Prophecy

By Steven D. Williams '85
376 pp. Hosanna Publishing House. $20
Anyone interested in end-time prophecy can turn to Williams's comprehensive study that chronicles world events from a biblical perspective. He takes readers on a verse-by-verse journey through the books of Daniel and Revelations and several other biblical prophecies, describing each event in detail. The book contains numerous historical references and an index of more than 1,600 scriptures, maps, charts, tables, and illustrations that are designed to clarify important end-time events.

French Country Style in America
By Betty Lou Phillips '60
164 pp. Gibbs Smith. $39.95
This first French country design book photographed in the United States shows how designers fuse the spirit of America with the sophistication of France and pay homage to a people who have taught us about glamour, style, and unerring taste. Interior designer Phillips demonstrates how to produce satisfying rooms with the feeling of well-being by sharing the know-how and secrets of this style.

By Jay Barnes G'88

344 pp. University of North Carolina Press. $39.95
Barnes, author of North Carolina's Hurricane History, turns to the stormy past of the Sunshine State to provide a chronology of hurricanes that have struck Florida in the last four-and-a-half centuries. The guide includes information on hurricanes and draws on meteorological research, news reports, personal accounts, maps, and historical photographs to give readers a thorough understanding of these devastating storms.

The Simplest, Clearest, and Most Detailed Guide for Spectators

By Ed McCorduck G'91
302 pp. NTC Publishing Group. $14.95
In Getting to Resolution,Don't know the difference between a blitz and a bomb, a halfback and a defensive back? Join football fan McCorduck on a tour of the gridiron as he tackles everything from football field dimensions and equipment to positions, penalties, and plays. Also included is a list of organizations, from youth football to the NFL, and a glossary to help you make it through game day.

By Jack Myers '69
250 pp. Spurge Ink! $27.95
The Relationship Age-as it evolves from the Information Age-requires businesses to put relationships first and "the deal" second. As the marketplace attempts to reconnect advertising, promotion, and marketing to sales, profits, and brand equity, Myers provides a manual for those who are interested in this innovative way of doing business.

A Family Memoir of Chinatown

By Bruce Edward Hall '76
320 pp. Free Press. $25.
In the first chapter, Hall writes, "There are ghosts in Chinatown." And the ghosts come to life in this engaging history of New York's Chinatown as told through Hall's stories of four generations of ancestors. There is the patriarch who played a major role in the Tong Wars, the grandfather who was the neighborhood's favorite bookie, and many others. The vivid narrative shows the bewilderment and beauty of a new world, complete with violence, discrimination, and hope.

Real Estate Advisory Services in Japan, Europe, and the United States

By Terrence LaPier '77
254 pp. Routledge. $90
By evaluating 40 prominent real estate advisory firms in four countries, LaPier examines their international growth and diversification since 1960. His book discusses a firm's best growth strategies and most effective marketing techniques, and explains what enables a firm to become successful in today's global economy.

Life at the Top of the Map

By Barton Sutter '75
160 pp. University of Minnesota Press. $16.95
Sutter, an award-winning author and poet who has lived in the northern Minnesota city of Duluth since 1987, pays homage to the infamously cold place with humor and passion. His short essays, first heard on public radio, discuss life in the Lake Superior shore city where bears wander the streets and canoe racks are standard equipment. His stories intrigue and amuse, extolling the pleasures of living by the great lake.

Children's books

By Cynthia Grannell '88
16 pp. Twins Magazine. $5.95
A finalist in the 1997 Twins Magazine fiction contest, this book centers on spilled milk and a dropped cookie under the chairs where Pam and Sam sit. Of course, the cat and dog get involved, and Mom and Dad, too. The book, which features delightful humor and illustrations, encourages repetition and memorization and will surely engage children, especially twins.

By Karen Magnuson Beil '71
30 pp. Holiday House. $16.95
In this deliciously fun book, Piggy goes to work in the kitchen to make himself a cake, which he graciously ends up sharing with friends. Written in rhyme and colorfully illustrated, A Cake All For Me! engages parents and children in measuring, cooking, and having fun together. It also features an easy-to-follow cake recipe and table of measurements.

By Wende '40 and Harry '39 Devlin
48 pp. Town Book Press. $14
Fletcher the hound returns to print in this 30th anniversary edition of the original book by the Devlins. Poor Fletcher-his water dish is empty and his ears need scratching. Along with his friends Beaver and Otter, he devises a scheme to regain the attention of a little girl named Alexandra, who's preoccupied by some baby chicks. The solution: Build an egg around Fletcher.

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