A senator from 1965 to 1984, Barclay was responsible for more than 500 pieces of legislation. His work for New York State led to many improvements-from establishing the Altmar fish hatchery, which boosted the North Country's fishing and tourist industry, to rebuilding the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center. As a result, from 1976 on he ran unopposed. Since 1979, Barclay has also championed Syracuse University, where he just concluded a six-year term as chairman of the Board of Trustees.
      One of Barclay's major assignments was to chair a committee to select a new chancellor. He had his eye on Kenneth A. Shaw, then president of the 26-campus University of Wisconsin. But Shaw wasn't interested. "I had a very high-profile job at the time," Shaw explains. "I told him that if anybody knows I'm coming to Syracuse-even just to talk-I'll have leadership problems in Wisconsin and conceivably lose my effectiveness. I asked him: 'Can you guarantee that no one will leak that I'm visiting SU?' He said, 'Absolutely,' and he kept his promise. From that point on, it was an easy sell."
      "We were in a period of transition," Barclay recalls. "We had a deficit and, due to national demographics, a shrinking undergraduate population. To be competitive, we needed to restructure." The board, then led by Chris J. Witting, directed Shaw to create an in-depth plan that ultimately eliminated a projected $38 million deficit for Syracuse while simultaneously attracting some 3,000 undergraduates a year.
      The board also asked Shaw to set a direction for the University. "You can restructure, you can have a good bottom line," Barclay explains, "but you also need to know where you're going so you can justify the size of the University and the direction it will take in the next 20 years."
      Shaw created deceptively simple mission and vision statements that reflected the University's goal of becoming the nation's leading student-centered research university. "Student-centered," Shaw says, "means everything from revising tenure and promotion tracks to include credit for outstanding teaching, to making more money available for undergraduate research projects and improving advising programs."
      "We've made tremendous advances," says Sidney Micek, vice president for development at Syracuse University. "We're now recognized by U.S. News & World Report as 40th among top-ranked national universities, right in there with Harvard, Northwestern, Duke, and Stanford. From the standpoint of moving up in the last 10 years, we probably have made greater gains from where we were to where we are now than any other institution.
      "A key thing to remember," says Micek, "is that you can't separate the Chancellor from Doug Barclay. They're a team. They've accomplished this together."
quote Eggers_Hall The former chairman of the SU Board of Trustees was instrumental in securing a naming gift for the creation of Eggers Hall, an addition to the Maxwell School, in honor of the late-Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers.
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