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Focus Abroad

Alexandra Reisner
Eyes Wide What, Venice, Italy
Florence Program, Spring 2006


Last summer, Greg Maslak G’90, ’08 spent six weeks in SU Abroad’s London summer program studying England’s politics and media. Maslak, a Syracuse businessman who pursued a second bachelor’s degree, in political science, out of personal interest, recounts travels around England, a visit to the House of Parliament, and a trip through the “Chunnel” to France among his memories. “It was a fantastic experience—one of the best of my life,” he says. Maslak also documented his travels with 1,100 photos. “I am the beneficiary of the marvels of digital photography,” he says. “I am proof that if you take enough pictures, some will come out well.”

Maslak was one of 33 contestants in SU Abroad’s second annual Study Abroad Day photo contest. The competition invited students who have participated in an SU Abroad program during the past two-and-a-half years to submit photographs from their overseas journeys. This year’s entries captured scenes and activities from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. “We decided to have the photo contest to spice up Study Abroad Day and give our alumni the opportunity to be involved,” says SU Abroad recruiting specialist Nancy Farrell, who coordinated the competition. “The photos are a testament to the range of the programs we offer.” The entries—some of which are featured in the next several pages—were divided into two separate categories, for photography majors (PM) and non-photography majors (NPM), and judged by a three-member panel. Prizes, ranging from $150 to $25, were given to the top three entries and the winner of the Student Choice Award, based on votes cast by students during Study Abroad Day. “The students’ perspectives are great,” Farrell says. “You see photos you wish you had taken.”

—Jay Cox








First Place (NPM) |
Jeff Lombardo
Outside Light, Dachau, Germany
London Program, Spring 2007

photo2Third Place (NPM); Student Choice Award | Daniel Kimicata, Saint Peter’s at Dusk, Vatican City, Italy; Florence Program, Fall 2007

Harrison VanOort
Grindelwald, Switzerland
Florence Program, Summer 2007







Second Place (NPM) |
Soudeh Motamedi
Great phone. Good price for you my friend.
Cairo, Egypt
Singapore/Egypt Program, Summer 2007







Second Place (PM) |
Barbara Hauzinger
Florence, Italy
Florence Program, Summer 2007

Diana Baquero
El Pastor
Salamanca, Spain
Madrid Program, Fall 2006

Greg Maslak
Punt Station on the Cherwell
Oxford, England
London Program, Summer 2007





First Place (PM) |
Maren Guse
Baltic Love
Tallinn, Estonia
London Program, Fall 2007









Jason Kluk-Barany
Namaskara Day
Karnataka, India
India Program, Fall 2007









Megan Stinar
Taking it all in
Fiesole, Italy
Florence Program, Fall 2007

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