P r o f i l e s  

Enterprise Zone (business)
Ian Schrager 68, Gizelle Ortiz-Velazquez 84,
Lowell Paxson 56, Amy Gerson 76,
William F. Allyn 59, Wesley C. Dias 74, Mark Stevens 77


Lowell Paxson

Unique Perspectives (art & architecture)
Duane Blue Spruce 84, Richard Gluckman 71,
June Gaddy 78, Gail Niebrugge G92

A Better World (health & human services)
Brian McLane 69, Dr. P. Renee Brown Obi 80,
Leona Bucci G87, Lisa Heller 95, Charmane Wong 84
  June Gaddy

Leona Bucci

In the Spotlight (entertainment)
Aaron Sorkin 83, David Solove 90,
Heather Paige Kent 90, Steven Latham 91,
Eric Stangel 92

photo not available for web use.

High Marks (education)
Myung-Gun Choo G70, Mindy Fried 72, G75,
Roxanne Gupta 74, G84, G91, G93,
Nadine Gomes 98
  Steve Latham


For the Record (communications & media)
Dinah Eng 75, Keith Brown 82, Ruth Fremson 86,
Michelangelo Signorile 82

Keith Brown

    Bright Ideas (science & technology)
Marilyn Menotti-Raymond 66, G71, G85, G90,
Keisuke Yawata G63, Mark Reed 77, G83,
Christopher Gentile 81
Illustrator Tom White 84 is a graduate of the College of Visual and Performing Arts. After working for a decade at various publications as a designer and art director, he launched tomwhite.images, a  

Christopher Gentile

For the People (public service
Bismarck Myrick G73, Halim Shafie G88,
James Walsh G70, Miguel Sapp 82, G88, G89,
Tom Rancich 84, Theodore McKee G75, Ruth Kagi G68

Tom Rancich

multimedia illustration studio based in New York City. Last year, he started 9 Surf Studios to develop typographic solutions and illustrations. He and his wife, Lois, live in Ocean Grove, New Jersey.  

Janet Pendergraph
The Sporting Life (athletics)
Marvin Harrison 95, Janet Pendergraph G89,
Caroline Silby 88, Gary Anderson 82


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