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AldermanElvira Alderman of DeWitt, New York, has been recognized by Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts and University College for distinction in continuous learning, represented by her enrollment for 37 years as a part-time studio arts student. During that time Alderman earned 209 credits, far exceeding the total required for a master of fine arts degree.
      "As artist, scholar, and student, you chose the road less traveled, and the ensuing journey has been your purpose-not your destination," states the framed citation Alderman received at the 50th annual Graduation Dinner of University College, SU's continuing education division. "We applaud you for your creativity and industry, your determination and perseverance. We are proud to have been a part of your life's journey."
      The citation was presented by art professor Rodger Mack and Thomas F. Cummings Jr., vice president for continuing education and enrollment management.

For years, the Higher Educational Oportunity Program (HEOP) at Syracuse University has used innovative approaches to assist educationally and financially disadvantaged students in attending the University. A recent $5,000 grant received by Syracuse University Continuing Education/University College (SUCE/UC) continues this tradition.
      The unique award, given by the G.W. Cadbury Charitable Trust, defrays the cost of child care for adult part-time students while they pursue their education. Roger Smith, director of HEOP at UC, is administering the award.
      SUCE/UC carries the distinction of having the only adult part-time HEOP program funded by the New York State Education Department. The program is designed to meet the needs of students who must fulfill job and family obligations while attending school.
      HEOP students receive financial aid and supportive services to guide them toward successful completion of their associate or bachelor's degree.
Three films with references to Syracuse University will be coming soon to a theater near you.
      In Miramax's 50 Violins, a film based on the life of musician and education pioneer Roberta Guaspari-Tzavaras, Angela Bassett plays Janet Williams, a New York City elementary school principal who earned a master's degree in education from SU. A 1973 SU diploma will hang on the wall of the principal's office.
      Production began this past winter on the romantic drama Passion of Mindstarring Demi Moore. One of the Movie_Reelfilm's main characters, played by William Fichtner, will sport an SU T-shirt in scenes filmed on location in New York City.
      But the University will get its biggest role in the film Big Daddy, currently in production. The film, starring Adam Sandler, is about an SU College of Law graduate who is reluctant to give up his party-boy image until he adopts his roommate's abandoned child. Because the Sandler character and his friends attended law school together at SU, Columbia Pictures will include SU apparel and merchandise extensively on the set.

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VincowGershon Vincow, who has served as vice chancellor for academic affairs since 1985, has announced he will resign from his administrative post and return to the faculty when a successor is named. A national search is under way, with an appointment expected in July.
      Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw praised Vincow's performance, citing his outstanding academic and fiscal leadership and his dedication to the University. "Gershon completes his service as vice chancellor on a high note," Shaw says. "Our recent Middle States reaccreditation report (SU Magazine, Fall 1998) documents the successful efforts he led in developing the student-centered research university."
      Vincow's stewardship has been noteworthy in its adaptability to change. Half of the current SU faculty and 13 of the 14 academic deans were appointed during his tenure. He worked with two chancellors in quite different eras, each with different goals. Following a period of growing enrollments and budgets and an emphasis on improving research and graduate studies, Vincow focused his efforts on strengthening undergraduate education while reducing academic budgets.
      Vincow describes those latter years, under Chancellor Shaw's direction, as "the high point of my career in academic administration." Now, he says, "it is time for me to apply what I have advocated. It's my intention to return to classroom teaching and to writing about teaching and learning. I am enthusiastic about rounding out my academic career with special emphasis on undergraduate education."
      In recognition of Vincow's nationally respected professional accomplishments, Chancellor Shaw and the SU Board of Trustees have conferred upon him the faculty title of University Professor. In this capacity, Vincow has the prerogative of choosing his own professional activities.
      "For the past 38 years I have been primarily a researcher and an administrator," Vincow says. "Now it's time to focus on teaching. Having 'talked the talk,' I want to 'walk the walk' of the student-centered research university."

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