For many months the Office of Alumni Relations has worked with the Alumni Association Board of Directors to develop a strategic plan. Throughout the process we've welcomed input from various groups on campus and off campus. Now our office will implement the plan, working in partnership with our Alumni Association Board of Directors and our board committees. It will serve as a vehicle to guide alumni relations efforts and programs.
      We identified five main program goals. First, we want to make the Alumni Association and our office a more effective umbrella and coordinating organization for alumni and alumni groups on and off campus. We'll accomplish this through a variety of methods, including developing councils to coordinate off-campus activity, establishing an Alumni Relations Coordinating Council on campus, and creating stronger links and leadership development opportunities with our clubs.
      Second, we'll strengthen our volunteer program and promote involvement in clubs, councils, and in Reunion and Homecoming. We'll also broaden student participation in alumni activities.
      Next, we'll expand our alumni-centered programs to encourage more alumni to stay involved with the University.
      Another goal is promoting the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center as the central alumni home on campus with programs and activities geared to alumni needs.
      Finally, we intend to excel in internal and external communications to better serve the wide range of ages, backgrounds, and changing demographics of alumni.
      I'll be glad to send you a copy of the complete strategic plan if you wish. As you can see, it is an ambitious program, but one we feel confident will result in a closer and more meaningful relationship between our office and our wonderful alumni.

Lil Breul O'Rourke '77
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

It's almost here! From June 4-6, you can be part of an exciting Reunion weekend. While all alumni are welcome, this year the University honors classes ending in 4 and 9, as well as our special 50-year class, the Class of 1949.

The Class of 1928 had an excellent turnout for last year's Reunion. Seated in front is Dorotha Satchell Butler. Standing, from left, are Louis Godfrey, Willis Cozad, Helen Honsinger Halstead, Gordon Halstead, Erwin Cronk, Hazel Wallister Lee, Esther Ruttan Doyle, Forrest Witmeyer, and Dorothy Golub Spira.

The Rev. Dr. Richard L. Phillips G'63, G'65, center, a faithful participant in past Reunions, enjoyed last year's event with Bob Dewey, left, director of Planned Giving, and Forrest Witmeyer '28. Phillips just retired as fourth dean of Hendricks Chapel.

      The campus has never looked better. You'll love walking around the Quad, seeing the latest improvements, and marveling at the new buildings that have appeared since your SU days.
      You'll rekindle friendships with classmates at luncheons and dinners, and make new friends you can look forward to seeing at future Reunions. You can spend time with the dean of your college and hear about the college's progress and future plans.
      When you attend classes at Reunion Alumni College you'll meet SU's finest educators, who offer fascinating glimpses into the subjects you've always wanted to know more about.
      Finally, the Arents Awards dinner will give you an opportunity to recognize fellow alumni who make significant contributions to the University and their professions.
      It's a weekend sure to be filled with laughter and nostalgia. Be part of it.
      And don't forget our Millennium Reunion! We've already set the date for Reunion 2000. Right now, take your red pencil and mark June 2-4 on your calendar, especially if you're part of a class ending in 5 or 0.

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