Paul James ’03 (Chino), center, listens intently during the first read-through of the script.

Tony Salatino discusses costume designs with the students.

Tony Salatino choreographs a dance number during a West Side Story dance class last fall.

Kristin Hoesl ’03, center, and the other Jets girls rehearse “Cool” under the guidance of music
director Dianne Adams McDowell, who is seated at the piano.

Musical theater major Kristin Hoesl ’03 found out she had been cast in West Side Story on the last day of school. Upon arriving home for the summer, she pulled out a movie version of the musical she had been given as a child and memorized the entire show to prepare for rehearsals in the fall. “West Side Story is close to my heart because it’s the first musical I ever loved,” says Hoesl, who created the role of Velma, a Jets girl of Polish American descent. “Growing up I dreamed of playing Anita, the Puerto Rican girlfriend of the Sharks’ gang leader. It