Inset photos clockwise from lower left:
Dean Ralph Galbraith, circa 1952.
Basic research of binary liquid mixtures with a low angle X-ray camera, circa 1960.
Smith Hall, circa 1904.
Chemical analysis is used to determine the structure of various compounds, circa 1960.
Doctoral student Aluck Thipayarat conducts an experiment in the new labs.
Professor Ercument Arvas, middle, works with ECS students Jennifer Warzala and Samir Tozin at Anaren Microwave in East Syracuse.
Historical photos courtesy of SU Archives.

Lyman Cornelius Smith had a problem. The 20th century was about to begin and his emergent typewriter manufacturing business, L.C. Smith & Brothers, was being crippled by a lack of trained toolmakers and mechanics. Smith, appointed a Syracuse University trustee in 1896, approached Chancellor James Roscoe Day and asked how he could work with SU to help create a trained workforce for his Syracuse-based company.
      Day was eager to collaborate with Smith, and had a mutual interest in establishing an engineering school at SU. Day, inaugurated as the University’s fourth chancellor in 1894, feared that SU would fall behind other institutions of higher education if it did not establish its own engineering program.
      Discussions between the two ultimately led Smith to donate $75,000 in 1900 “to erect a building with all necessary equipment for the promotion of mechanical engineering on the Hill,” according to W.F. Galpin in Syracuse University, Volume Two: The Growing Years. The building was named Lyman Cornelius Smith Hall, and the Lyman C. Smith College of Applied Science formally entered its new home in fall 1901—eventually offering degrees in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Smith later donated about $40,000 to construct another engineering building on campus, Machinery Hall. He remained involved with SU until his death in 1910, spending his last 11 years as vice president of the Board of Trustees.

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