When Jeff Dennis ’01 first came to Syracuse University, community service was the furthest thing from his mind. Like most incoming freshmen, he was more concerned with making friends, finding his way around campus, and ignoring the good advice his parents had given him. Now, three years later, he devotes most of his time outside the classroom to community service. “My volunteer work connects me to the community and gives me the positive feeling you get from knowing you’re doing something good for someone else,” Dennis says. “I’m developing relationships that will last a lifetime.”
      Service to the community can be good for the soul. It can also be a powerful learning tool. That’s the philosophy behind SU’s Center for Public and Community Service (CPCS), which was created to strengthen the University’s ability to incorporate public and community service into students’ formal education. “We must embrace the core value of service as a fundamental part of student learning and build this value into the mission and curriculum of the University,” says Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw. “The University has an obligation to give students opportunities to learn how to be active citizens.”

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