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      For Brendan Harrington ’01, working at Syracuse University Press is a book lover’s dream come true. When he first applied for the job, he was captivated by the offices, then located in Lyman Hall. “I felt I was walking into a shrine to the English language,” says Harrington, who has been an assistant in the editorial department of SU Press for the past two years. “There were manuscripts everywhere, piles of pages, page proofs. The library was floor-to-ceiling books. For someone who loves being around books, it was a pretty exciting place.”
      Harrington, a dual English/education major in the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education, says his first impression of the SU Press editorial staff was that of medieval monks diligently poring over manuscripts. “The copy editors were hunched over at their desks, intent on their work,” he says. “They have such dedication—they’re proud of their work, caught up in it. Their intensity always has impressed me.”
      As an editorial assistant, Harrington performs such administrative tasks as getting books cataloged by the Library of Congress; transferring page proofs between editors and authors; and supervising the reprint program for the editorial department.
      Our work-study students are helpful in so many ways,” says SU Press managing editor John Fruehwirth. “They are an absolutely integral part of the staff. Much of what we do in the editorial department, for example, couldn’t be accomplished without their assistance.”
      Harrington says the experience has allowed him to learn the publishing business from beginning to end. “It takes about a year to publish a book and there are so many intricate stages,” he says. “The editors work hard to make sure everything is just right, and they really do care. Every book gets that SU stamp of quality.”
      Christa Zubieta ’00, an international relations and religion major in the College of Arts and Sciences, has worked at SU Press for three years. An administrative assistant, Zubieta performs a number of duties, including talking with authors and answering their questions. “It’s a fascinating place,” Zubieta says. “I didn’t know anything about publishing when I started here, but now I know how everything works. After being here, I decided I’d like to be an author someday.”
                                                                                                       —PAULA MESEROLL

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