This simple phrase sums up our view that the mission of Alumni Relations is to be continually involved with alumni. We want to ensure that no matter the distance of years or miles, you look back fondly on your life at Syracuse and remain connected to the University—availing yourself of our resources and services, and knowing that a vigorous University will be there in the future.
      To accomplish that, we are embarking on a campaign to raise $1 million to endow alumni relations programming. We are pleased to join many other prestigious colleges and universities that reach out to their alumni, thanks to funds provided by donors.
      This is quite different from SU's Commitment to Learning campaign, which supports students, faculty, technology, and future programming. This fund will endow programs coordinated through our office that extend concrete benefits to you, our very important alumni, who once called Syracuse home.
      The funds will be used for programs and events that benefit people from the time they come to campus as students to their years as alumni. We will support such things as a University Speakers Series that brings SU's prominent faculty members and coaches to local communities, technology to keep alumni linked to the University, club activities, alumni parent receptions, and Homecoming and Reunion events.
      What do you want from SU? More services from the home office? Better communication about what's available? Support for your local alumni club? A more interactive link with the University? Whatever it is, all alumni will benefit from an alma mater that's more responsive to their needs.
      The University has already demonstrated its commitment to alumni relations with its partnership in funding construction of the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center, our beautiful headquarters for on-campus alumni events. A committee of our Alumni Association Board of Directors has already taken an important step (see next story).
      We will fund this endowment within the next two years, so we can give you the services you fully deserve. For If you would like to know more, please contact us. "We're with you." Won't you be with us?

Lil Breul O'Rourke '77
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

Mike Somich '73 of Chicago, president of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, is proud of the work of the board's ad hoc fund-raising committee. "In very short order just a few people raised $30,000, and we expect that giving to continue," he says. "That's quite remarkable."
      The committee, composed of current and former members of the board, is working closely with the Office of Alumni Relations to raise an endowment to support alumni programming. The first task was to identify a project to fund. Recognizing the important role alumni can play in recruiting students, the board voted to fund a $100,000 endowment for new student outreach.
      The Office of Alumni Relations will use this fund for such student programs as the annual New Student Send-Offs hosted by alumni clubs throughout the country. Those events bring incoming students, both first-year and transfer students, together with alumni and current students at a picnic or barbecue. Send-offs dramatically demonstrate to new students the continuing commitment of alumni to the University.

At Commencement, three generations celebrated the graduation of Paige Deborah Wilson '99. On hand were grandmother Jane Kydd Taylor Gretter '40, left, and mother Deborah Kydd Wilson '69.
      Somich, a partner in the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche, is confident the ad hoc committee will reach its $100,000 goal. "We've agreed there will be 100 percent participation," he says. "Now is the time to show our leadership for the effort to raise the $1 million endowment."
      This endowment for the Office of Alumni Relations is earmarked for a variety of programs. "We want to implement alumni-oriented programs, presentations, services, and events at the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center and in other communities nationally and internationally," he says. "We find that people willingly take on time and financial commitments because they love the University. We all benefited from attending Syracuse University and we want to provide the same opportunities for students today."
      Serving on the ad hoc committee along with Somich are Wendy Cohen '70 of Plantation, Florida; Shelly Lotman Fisher '80 of Villanova, Pennsylvania; Debbie Fritsche '74 of Woodlands, Texas; Dan Kaseman '80 of Hamilton, Virginia; and Phebe Novakovic '53 of Villanova, Pennsylvania.

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