Eleven undergraduate and graduate students in SU's School of Information Studies (IST) are playing key roles in the development and launching of the Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) project at Syracuse University.
      GEM (,a special project of the ERIC Clearinghouse on Information and Technology, has created a virtual card catalog on the World Wide Web to help educators in the K-12 community gain easy access to thousands of Internet-based educational materials.
      "The project's goal is to provide a new set of tools to get information into the hands of educators quickly and easily," says Michael B. Eisenberg, professor of information studies and director of the ERIC Clearinghouse. Eisenberg and fellow IST faculty members Stuart Sutton and Ruth Small are GEM's principal investigators.
      "There are thousands of collections of educational materials on the Internet that were just waiting for the right tools to come along to help users access them," Sutton says. The GEM research team—students as well as faculty members—developed the software that will make the materials accessible to users on the Internet.
      Students are also involved in creating training materials for GEM consortium members (whose numbers include collection holders and users) and in presenting workshops designed to introduce GEM's meta-data system to educators across the country.
      The 11 IST students say it's been exciting to see GEM develop from a research project to a working product in less than a year and a half. "When we present GEM at conferences, people love it," says Julie Diana, a library science master's degree student. Diana is developing training materials for people who catalog collections for the GEM system.
      "My experience with GEM has been the best part of being at SU," Diana says. "I have been able to integrate what I've learned in class and then go beyond that by participating in cutting-edge research."

Eight pieces by Syracuse University illustration majors were among the winners in a national competition sponsored by the Society of Illustrators.
      Each year, thousands of illustrations from students at art schools, colleges, and universities across the country are submitted to the society's Annual Scholarship Competition. Of those, a relative handful are selected as winners.
      This year 6,500 pieces were entered; 125 were selected as winners to be displayed in an exhibition, and 21 were chosen to receive cash awards.
      Of the winning pieces, eight were done by seven SU students: Eileen O'Connell '98, Chris Williamson '99, S. Christian DeLoach '99, Kristen Nedopak '99, David Kassan '99, Billy Seccombe '00, and Adam Walko '00. All are enrolled in the College of Visual and Performing Arts' School of Art and Design. Kassan had two pieces selected. Three of the students—DeLoach, O'Connell, and Walko—received cash awards of $1,000.

Four Syracuse University students were named finalists in a national competition sponsored by Americans Discuss Social Security.
      Competing for a $100,000 budget and four $10,000 scholarships, The College of Arts and Sciences Blue_Ribbonstudents—Erin Buchanan '99, Robert Neelen '99, Patrick Magnuson '00, and Meghan Sherman '01—made up one of the more than 150 teams that entered the contest last spring. Seven teams were chosen as finalists.
      The contest, titled The Social Security Challenge, was created by Americans Discuss Social Security as a way of drawing younger Americans into a national conversation about Social Security issues. Participants submitted a 1,000-word essay describing their ideas for making Social Security a hot issue on college and university campuses, as well as a one-page budget that detailed how they would allocate the resources of the $100,000 grant during implementation. Entries were evaluated for their creative ideas, sound budgets, and realistic timelines.
      More information about the Social Security Challenge can be found at

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