Peter Koval '74 of Pennellville, N.Y., vice president for human resources with O'Brien & Gere Engineers, is past president of the Engineering Alumni Club and a current board member of the group.
Athletic Policy Board
      Mona Heck '88 of Syracuse, a nurse with the New York State Department of Health, is on the College of Nursing's Visiting Committee and Alumni Committee.
      Michael S. Vadala '78 of Rochester, N.Y., president of Summit Federal Credit Union, is on the School of Management Alumni Board.
Alumni Trustee
      Alvin I. Schragis '51 of New York City is vice chairman of Carol Management Corp.
      Young Alumni Council
      Gwen Moran '88 of Wall, N.J., is president of Moran Marketing Associates.

The new SU Alumni Directory,to be distributed soon, will be available in a printed version (in hard or soft cover) or on CD-ROM for Windows or Mac. The directory features an alphabetical section, a class-year section, a geographic section, a career networking section, and an e-mail section. You can order the SU Alumni Directory from the publisher at 1-800-982-1590 within the U.S. or 1-872-386-0200 outside the U.S.

Last winter Chancellor Kenneth A. and Mary Ann Shaw headed a delegation of University representatives that traveled to Asia to meet and confer with international alumni. Shown with the Chancellor (left) in Kuala Lumpur are Jaafar Kamin G'73 and his wife, Noraini Zainul. Kamin is the director general of Radio Television Malaysia.
      As global events continue to influence our lives in everything from financial markets to the products we buy, the University increasingly turns to international alumni for their insights on world affairs.

One of the things you can say about our alumni groups is that they're made up of energetic people. In fact, sometimes groups are so busy that they unknowingly overlap activities, creating scheduling conflicts. To sort this out, a committee of the National Alumni Association Board of Directors is considering establishing alumni councils in certain geographic regions or major metropolitan areas.
      At present, different alumni groups in the same area may schedule admissions activities, athletic events, development activities, and club programming—and sometimes this causes confusion. An area alumni council would meet several times a year to set up a schedule of activities. Groups would then carry on with events they're interested in while sharing information and avoiding scheduling conflicts.
      "There are people involved in one group who would like to be involved in others, but don't know what other groups are doing," explains trustee Wendy Cohen '70 of Plantation, Fla., a member of the committee. "For instance, we'd like our admissions representatives to participate in club activities, but they don't always know about them."
      Beverly Barr Vaughn '54 of Penfield, N.Y., who chairs the committee on clubs, says: "Times are changing. The lives of alumni are more demanding and these councils can deal with that. In addition, the councils will link more alumni to the University."
      Cohen agrees. "The councils will also serve as umbrella organizations," she says. "Clubs can meet with the councils and get direction while still dealing with their separate memberships. It offers great advantages."

Traveling with the University is the best possible way to see the world." That's what Dick Fay '44 thinks, and he speaks from experience. "You're with people of similar interests and under the care of professionals who make top-class arrangements," he says.

      Fay, of Pleasantville, N.Y., a limited partner with Goldman Sachs & Co., began taking SU trips with his late wife, Joann Olson Fay '44. Now he goes with another widower.
      In 1998 he took a trip to northern Italy and a cruise on the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Last year he enjoyed a trip on the Danube.
      After three days in Florence, the group went across the Apennines into the Po Valley, where they boarded a boat and traveled down the Po River. "We stopped at picturesque spots along the way, and whenever we did, knowledgeable English-speaking guides led our group," Fay says. "We ended the tour with several days in Venice."
      Fay admits he favors cruises. "You get on that boat, put your luggage in the stateroom, and never have to worry about anything again," he laughs. "No making travel arrangements or looking for guides to hire."
      He enjoys the other university groups that frequently take the same trips. "Because the trips are educational in nature, they often feature lecturers who talk about the places we're visiting," he says. "If there's no speaker from Syracuse, we're welcome to sit in on another college's talks."
      For further information on SU travel offerings, ranging from cruises to wildlife safaris, contact Tina Casella at the Office of Alumni Relations, 1-800-SUALUMS (782-5867), e-mail

Enjoying every moment aboard ship on the Po River trip were (standing, from left) Dick Fay, Arthur Dube, Connie Cornelius, Dave Burgess, Bob Maxon, Gabe Fusco, and Jerry Estes. Seated (from left) were June Estes, tour guide Semona, Pat Dube, Ellie Ludwig, Betty Clark, Shirley Maxon, and Kathy Fusco.

We'd love to see you on home football weekends. Telephone us at 1-800- SUALUMS (782-5867) or e-mail us at: sualumni@ to find out what hours the office will be open.

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