We are very excited about a new initiative designed to make your relationship with your alma mater even stronger.
      For some time we've been assessing Reunion and now we need your input to design programs you want to attend.
      Currently classes return to campus in five-year increments: For instance, classes ending in "3" and "8" attended last June. This year, however, the classes of 1953 and 1954 combined and the results were gratifying. People found more friends with whom they'd attended school as well as people who shared their interests.
      This success made us rethink every aspect of Reunion. Would you prefer it in the fall, on a football weekend? How about Reunions on different weekends for different classes? Should some Reunions be in the fall and others in the spring? Do you think Reunions by decades would be better, so classes of the fifties, for instance, would all return together?
      Reunions held by decade offer several advantages. You'd find people who were in school before, during, and after your four years here. We've heard from alumni who want to meet with people who remember "their" era and shared the same events. Decade reunions could be designed around specific alumni interests, recreational wishes, their memories of campus, and even the music they recall. For younger alumni we could add more activities for children, something often requested.
      As you can see, we want to explore all possibilities. Please remember that these changes are still in the talking stage. We're working with a subcommittee of the National Alumni Association Board of Directors, and we very much want to hear from you as well. Please get in touch.
      On a personal note, I must tell you how delighted I am with the warm welcome I've received from alumni around the country. I appreciate your generous acceptance.

Lil Breul O'Rourke '77
Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations

                                          steve sartori

You're going to love Homecoming this year, when students and alumni gather on campus for one of the liveliest weekends of the year. Don't miss it!

It's in the air! A brisk fall weekend, SU football against Virginia Tech, parades, academic open houses, and lots of time with old friends. For the classes of 1983, 1988, and 1993, Homecoming is a double treat, because it will be their Reunion weekend, with special activities just for them at a time when the campus is at its most active.
      Barry Weiss '83 is working hard with other classmates to plan activities for his class. "The fall is a wonderful time to visit campus," he says. "My classmates will see what campus is like today, busy and exciting, instead of in June when there's less going on. It will be more like the SU they remember, but with some new things added."
      For the Class of 1993, Keith Flynn says his committee is working on two plans, depending on whether the game is in the afternoon or evening. "Our events will center around the great new Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center," he says. "Young alumni prefer coming to a Reunion that incorporates a football game."

      You'll receive a copy of the jam-packed schedule of events as soon as you reach campus. Before that, you can contact the Office of Alumni Relations for information and advice on where to stay, parking, and activities. E-mail sualumni@syr.edu for all the latest information.
Young Alumni Party
      This year, as in the past, young alumni are invited back for a Homecoming party. We welcome all young alumni to a pregame party on Saturday at the new Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center. The pay-as-you-go celebration starts two-and-a-half hours before the game. Call or e-mail to let us know you're coming.

Get ready to sweat! Alumni may now use the University's recreation facilities by purchasing an alumni guest pass. These facilities include Archbold gymnasiums and pool, Flanagan Gymnasium, Archbold Fitness Centers, Women's Building recreation facilities and pool, Goldstein Fitness Center, and Marion Fitness Center.Alumni may also participate in the Wellness Program (which offers personal training, Fitcheck Clinics, etc.) and the Fitness and Leisure Program (which offers such noncredit fitness classes as aerobics and yoga). Alumni may not participate in intramurals or club sports.You may buy an alumni guest pass from Recreation Services during business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Spouses and domestic partners of alumni are not eligible. To use the facilities, you must also present an alumni card, available from the Office of Alumni Relations.For more information contact Recreation Services at 315-443-4386.

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