As an SU alumnus I take great pride in the excellence of Syracuse University Magazine.However, I did notice in the summer issue the use of what I believe is a very old photograph. Above the article on the use of receipts from the Fiesta Bowl ("Quad Angles," Spring/Summer 1998) is a photo of a group of football players. As a die-hard SU sports fan, I recognize both the uniforms and some of the players. I believe those uniforms (including the helmet design) were last used during the 1980 season. That year was the first for the team in the Carrier Dome and the last for Coach Maloney, if I am not mistaken. I thought it would be more appropriate to utilize a more contemporary photograph. Nonetheless, the magazine continues to be an excellent piece and one in which all alumni can take great pride.
                S. Andrew Baumbach '84
                Franklyn Park, New Jersey

In the Spring/Summer issue of Syracuse University Magazineyou asked for comments in your "Opening Remarks. "Please, please go one size up on your typeface. Almost everyone over 40 wears bifocals. Almost all your major givers are over 40. Another case in point is Chancellor Shaw's message, brown on beige. The last example is "View from the Hill" on page 64. I thought there was a typo when the first paragraph started with a "t". But lo and behold, there was indeed a faint "M" buried under the beige. After graduating from SU I spent 40 years in public relations and development. I soon learned bigger is better. The magazine is well worth struggling through for the subject matter, but when I finally did resort to a magnifying glass, I knew I had to write.
                    Edna L. Habicht '49
                    Kenmore, New York

We appreciate all the comments and suggestions received on ways to improve the magazine. We promise to keep our "maturing" readers in mind when developing future designs and illustrations. (And yes, the football photo was an old one.)

      I am impressed with every issue of your magazine. It is a beautiful, professional publication that just seems to get better and better. I was pleased to read in the latest issue of Syracuse University Magazinethe story on the Remembrance Scholarship drive in honor of the 35 students who were lost on Pan Am Flight 103 ("Campaign Update," Spring/ Summer 1998). As an overseas airline pilot following World War II who flew that same route at night many times over the years, I have perhaps a special sympathy regarding this tragedy. I have often wondered if Syracuse University has a memorial of some kind for SU's World War II losses, as it has for the students lost in the tragic Lockerbie disaster. I have read in your magazine of so many graduates living in or near Syracuse (my birth city) that I have become very envious of them. Last week three of our days here in Central Florida were 100 degrees, two were 99 degrees, and the other two were "only 98 degrees." Syracuse was never like this—a hot day was 85 degrees!
                  George H. Vincent '41
                  Winter Park, Florida

There is a plaque located in Hendricks Chapel that pays tribute to those who fought and died in World War II. The plaque was donated by Syracuse University's Class of '45.

Cynthia Banas's letter ("In Basket," Spring/Summer 1998) challenging Jack Kemp's position on free trade seems to border on the attitude that Mr. Kemp's opinion shouldn't have been printed since she and others do not necessarily agree with him. I don't agree with him, either. I am pleased, however, to see that conservative voices are appearing in university publications. PC attitudes and the censoring of conservative voices are big problems on campuses and in publications. Congratulations, in this instance, for bringing some balance to the academic scene. Keep up the good work.
                  R. Bruce Skewes '61
                  Oak Ridge, New Jersey

I wanted to let you know how great I think the new format is for Syracuse University Magazine.The latest edition is terrific and I have enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. Keep up the good work.
                  Marvin Lender '63
                 Woodbridge, Connecticut

In "A Lifetime of Service: H. Douglas Barclay" (Spring/Summer 1998), the name of the law firm that Barclay joined in 1961 was misidentified due to an omission of one of the partner's names—George W. Lee Sr. The law firm's correct name at that time was Hiscock, Cowie, Bruce, Lee & Mawhinney. Like Barclay, firm partner George W. Lee Sr. '19, G'22 was a graduate of the Syracuse University College of Law and served as a University trustee.

In "Student Center" (Spring/Summer 1998), a photo credit was accidentally omitted. Diana M. Smith took the photograph of nursing student Kerry Turley.

Syracuse University Magazine welcomes letters from readers. Address letters to: Syracuse University Magazine, 820 Comstock Avenue, Room 308, Syracuse, New York 13244-5040. Letters are subject to editing for style and space limitations.

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