Go on a daytime picnic in Thornden Park.

Read the Daily Orange,daily.

Promise your closest friends you will get together regularly after graduation, and make plans to do it.

See how long you can go without doing your laundry. Then do the entire load on Saturday. You've just created study time.

Promise to be a loyal and involved alumnus.

Put away childish things, but never let go of your childhood.

Never forget to study.

Stress is the enemy, so relax.

Write to your high school friends.

Meet your college dean.

Treat your parents to something at least once before graduation.

Get yourself a goldfish. They're easy to care for, don't talk back, and are the only pets allowed in residence halls.

Become a resident advisor—or be nice to one.

Watch the sunset from Mt. Olympus.

When you are frustrated, go to the gym and work out.

Experience some quiet time on the steps of Hendricks Chapel.

Play Ultimate Frisbee on the Quad, but be mindful of pedestrians.

Order two pizza slices at the Varsity; one just isn't enough. (And don't forget the Buffalo wings!)

Learn to live without MTV, soap operas, and anything else that distracts you from your studies.

Attend an organ concert in Crouse College Auditorium.

Learn how to get downtown and not just to the bars in Armory Square.

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