Shop for bargains at the consignment shop at Nottingham Plaza. Make a few extra bucks by selling some of your old clothes there.

Admit that you're homesick.

Become knowledgeable about your financial aid; money, as it turns out, really doesn't grow on trees.

Learn the phone number for Student Assistance— 443-HELP (-4357)—and don't be afraid to ask for it.

Read up on binge drinking and its negative—and sometimes deadly—effects.

Visit the inside of Hendricks Chapel and nurture your spiritual side.

Take advantage of your Arts Adventure fee.

Study. It'll get you closer to graduation.

Play at least one intramural sport that's different from any you've played before. This is the time to try new things.

Use the sidewalks instead of the grass. Put those tuition dollars to better use than reseeding the Quad.

Challenge yourself—try things that are different or that might be difficult.

Take road trips. Many places are closer than they seem.

Save money by shopping at the Finger Lakes Outlet Mall.

Register with the Center for Career Services in the Schine. You may need to get a job, or an internship, at some point during your college years, and certainly when you graduate.

Be able to recognize the alma mater and hum along.

Say hello to everyone you pass on the Quad.

Take a nap in the Schine in one of the big sofa chairs.

Surf the 'net often, but only after you finish that 25-page paper.

Experience new relationships—be open to friendships with everyone you meet, especially those who are different from you.

Never assume everything is OK or will work to your benefit.

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