Eat at each of the restaurants on Marshall Street at least once before you graduate.

Learn about the legend of number 44. For starters, check out Ernie Davis's Heisman Trophy enshrined in the SU football hall of fame area at Manley Field House.

Read a book written by one of your professors.

Paint a big orange letter S on your chest and see if you get on ESPN during a Big East basketball game in the Dome.

Attend a free concert at Crouse College.

Develop friendships with classmates who are not necessarily attractive, cool, or wealthy.

Sunbathe at Green Lakes State Park.

Learn to live within your means.

Visit the Department of Special Collections on the sixth floor of Bird Library—do original research there.

Master the vast resources of the SU Library system.

Check out the Huntington Hall bulletin board and answer an ad for at least one psychology experiment. You can always use an extra five bucks.

Become a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, TelAuc, local hospitals and nursing homes, recreation centers, Big Brother/ Big Sister programs, holiday projects, or the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army.

When you reach 21 years of age, take a wine-tasting course through the Humanistic Studies Center. A little class and style won't hurt.

Get cultured. Check out the Everson Museum, especially on First Thursdays.

Ask a faculty member to lunch.

Give up high heels in the winter.

Join SUSA, the student alumni association.

Get a job. It will expand your mind, enable you to meet new people, teach you how to budget your time and money, and take some of the financial burden off the folks.

Get a mentor, and apply that person's wisdom to your college life.

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