As anyone who's spent time at Syracuse University knows, there's really no such thing as the "typical" SU experience. For mixed in with the demands of earning a degree are endless opportunities for life experiences that never fail to enhance a well-rounded education. The following list, compiled from suggestions by alumni, friends, and staff members, offers just some examples of how SU students can make their college years more memorable. For current students, it serves as a To Do list. For alumni, it's a scorecard to cross-check what they experienced during their SU years, what they may have missed, and what they should plan to do during their next campus

Stop in at the Tolley Administration Building and say hello to the Chancellor.

Learn responsibility before your sophomore year.

Talk with your parents often, about anything. Frequent status updates put their minds at ease.

Get to know a few professors well enough that they invite you to dinner. Realize that they are people, too.

Eat barbecue at Bell's and the Dinosaur. Grab plenty of extra napkins.

I nvestigate studying with the Division of International Programs Abroad. You can do it, regardless of your major or level of proficiency in a second language.

Understand your health insurance coverage and how to access it while at school. You may get sick at some point, and you won't feel like thinking about it then.

Learn about Syracuse University's history and traditions.

Venture off campus and get acquainted with the City of Syracuse. There's a lot to explore.

Go to a Syracuse Smash lacrosse or Crunch ice hockey game at the Onondaga County War Memorial.

Take in the Syracuse skyline from the penthouse floors of Booth, DellPlain, or Lawrinson halls.

Ask questions. There's no such thing as a dumb question.

Get a class project done a week ahead of time.

Prepare a good reason if you have to ask for an extension on an assignment. A heavy workload is not a good excuse.

Experience a sporting event from a top-row seat in the Carrier Dome.

Spend a summer in Syracuse. It's a whole different world.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day.

Write home.

Renew your passport before it expires.

Go to three parties in a row without drinking alcohol.

Get involved and get a clue. Campus life is more than just Bird Library, Schine Dining, and class.

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