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A JUDGE IN THE SENATE: Howell Heflin’s Career of Politics and Principle
By John Hayman G’57 with Clara Ruth Hayman
The folksy Heflin was known as one of the last Roosevelt-style Southern progressive Democrats to serve in the U.S. Senate. This authorized biography covers the life of the former senator and chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court as well as key events in which he was involved. (480 pp. NewSouth Books. $28.95)

EVERY GIRL TELLS A STORY: A Celebration of Girls Speaking Their Minds
By Carolyn Jones ’78
This book, written in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of the USA, features a series of essays and photographs of 85 girls and young women from throughout the United States, including SU students Maria Disla ’05, Maribelis Olivares ’05, and Esterlina Rodriguez ’05. Each one shares a unique life story relating what it means to be a young woman in America today. (86 pp. Simon & Schuster. $19.95)

BROADWAY, THE GOLDEN YEARS: Jerome Robbins and the Great Choreographer-Directors, 1940 to the Present
By Robert Emmet Long ’64
Long takes a look at Broadway choreographer-directors Agnes de Mille, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Gower Champion, Michael Bennett, and Tommy Tune. (312 pp. Continuum. $35)

AN ETHNIC AT LARGE: A Memoir of America in the Thirties and Forties
By Jerre Mangione ’31
In this reissued memoir, the award-winning author recreates a changing America. Mangione recalls his early years and Sicilian upbringing in Rochester, New York, his days at SU and development as a writer, and the Great Depression. (388 pp. Syracuse University Press. $24.95)

MISSY HYATT: First Lady of Wrestling
By Missy Hyatt with Charles Salzberg ’67
and Mark Goldblatt
In this tell-all memoir, professional wrestling’s original sexy socialite sidekick shows why she’s the most controversial woman ever to roam ringside. (180 pp. ECW Press. $17.95)

RACING THE BOMB: General Leslie R. Groves, the Manhattan Project’s Indispensable Man
By Robert S. Norris ’65
In this detailed biography, Norris, a nuclear weapons analyst for the Natural Resources Defense Council, explores Groves’s role in the building of the atomic bomb. Drawing from family letters and documents, the story addresses the creation of the bomb, the attack on Japan, and the new “atomic age.” (722 pp. Steer Forth Press. $40)










Fiction & Poetry

By Mark Twain
Edited by John R. Cooley ’59, G’60
Cooley, a Twain scholar, presents a collection of the legendary author’s little-known tales of “unconventional” women who went against society’s norms. (272 pp. University of Nebraska Press. $16.95)

THE SISTERS MALLONE: Una Storia di Famiglia
By Louisa Ermelino ’68
Ermelino spins a tale of three sisters seeking the American dream. The often humorous story tells of two sisters who do everything they can to protect their youngest sister and ensure that she lives a good life. (304 pp. Simon & Schuster. $23)

By Tim Green ’86, G’94
A former Secret Service agent turned wealthy entrepreneur investigates the suicide of his son, also a Secret Service agent. The probe leads to information about other agents’ deaths and ultimately to the president. (352 pp. Warner. $24.95)

By Lise Haines G’73
In My Sister’s Country focuses on the relationship between 17-year-old Molly and her older sister Amanda, with whom Molly is forced to live after their parents die. As Molly grapples with her losses, she also shares comic insights and a strong sense of rebellion. (336 pp. BlueHen Books. $23.95)

By James K. Hamblin ’70
Jim “Sumac” Jackson works for America’s favorite televangelist and becomes the most wanted—and celebrated—fugitive from justice, when he gets involved in a search for a mythical treasure in Central New York. (373 pp. Publishamerica Inc. $24.95)

By Raven West
(Robin C. Westmiller ’77)
Native New Yorker Jenny Reed is running a top-rated morning radio show in Los Angeles, when the station manager hires his brother-in-law to co-host the program. The plot takes an unexpected twist when one of the characters is mixed up in a drug-related death. (285 pp. Lighthouse Press Inc. $14.95)

By B.D. Love
(Mark Roberts G’79)
In this collection of poems, Love gives voice to different ethnic characters in contemporary Los Angeles. He explores their lives through monologues and narratives, exposing joys, sorrows, fantasies, and desires. (95 pp. Urthona Press. $12)





The Working World

THE PSYCHIC INVESTOR: Use Your Intuition Plus Investing Fundamentals to Profit in the Stock Market
By Marcus Goodwin (Marc Conte ’87)
Goodwin, a paranormal specialist, combines such devices as astrology, numerology, and tarot with Wall Street research to show readers how to invest in the stock market. (240 pp. Adams Media. $12.95)

By Michelle LaBrosse ’84
Accelerated Project Management shares techniques that help companies and organizations navigate a project to completion. The book features step-by-step instructions on how to work with a project team and benefit from visual facilitation. (160 pp. HNB Publishing. $20.95)

THE INTERNET WEATHER: Balancing Continuous Change and Constant Truths
By James W. Moore ’75
Moore steers clear of all the technological changes in the world brought on by the Internet and instead examines such age-old ideals as truth, privacy, time, and trust. He offers insight on thinking about these ideals in new ways and incorporating them into new technologies. (272 pp. John Wiley & Sons. $27.95)




THE FAITH OF FIFTY MILLION: Baseball, Religion, and American Culture
Edited by Christopher H. Evans ’82 and William R. Herzog II
In this collection of essays, religion scholars analyze the relationship between baseball and theology in American culture. Among the topics intertwined with baseball are civil religion, racial integration, and women. (274 pp. Westminster John Knox Press. $18.95)

LACROSSE: A History of the Game
By Donald M. Fisher

Fisher traces lacrosse’s evolution, from its Native American roots to the formation of today’s professional Major League Lacrosse. The book includes numerous references to Syracuse University and the development of its celebrated lacrosse tradition. (361 pp. The Johns Hopkins University Press. $34.95)

MORE THAN A GAME: The Tennessee Football Experience
By Robert Heller ’76, G’80
Heller, a veteran photographer, captures the University of Tennessee’s football tradition through a series of full-color photos that range from candid close-ups to panoramic shots. Sports fans will gain a new perspective on what game day is all about at Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium. (160 pp. Sports Publishing Inc. $29.95)

By David Parks ’73
Parks presents a plethora of Major League Baseball trivia and facts that challenge even the most knowledgeable fans. The book features sections devoted to comparisons of superstars from different eras, all-star teams, and player rankings. (388 pp. iUniverse. $22.95)

THE BASEBALL ALMANAC: Big Bodacious Book of Baseball
By Dan Schlossberg ’69
All aspects of the national pastime are covered in this book, from spring training and superstitions to ball parks, memorable moments, and retired uniform numbers. (382 pp. Triumph Books. $14.95)



GRAVITY DECODED: Exploring the Structure of Space-Energy
By Sebastian Borrello ’57, G’62
Borrello uses simple mathematics and the achievements of such greats as Galileo and Einstein to construct a new law of gravity that is defined by the size of the universe and its matter-energy content. By identifying space-energy as the source of gravity, the author examines the meaning of anti-gravity. (188 pp. iUniverse Inc. $15.95)

Edited by Matt Cannon ’94 and Noel Flannery
Pens for Peace contains 49 essays that examine aspects of peace from a variety of viewpoints, including those of former U.S. Senator George Mitchell and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern. (266 pp. Irish Peace Institute. $13)

By Daniel H. Henning G’65
Henning discusses the connection between Buddhism and ecology and how this relationship can help protect the environment. He examines ideas, philosophies, and knowledge about the teachings of Buddha, including respect for all living creatures. (271 pp. Xlibris. $31.99)


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