Steve Sartori
The Maxwell School’s Global Collaboratory brings technology into the classroom. The multimedia facility is equipped to provide access to such information as foreign-language television and radio broadcasts and international press reports.

The Alan K. Campbell Public Affairs Institute, Maxwell School
Established in 1996, the institute fosters links between scholarship and public affairs. It is the home of the Government Performance Project.

The Global Affairs Institute, Maxwell School
Established in 1994, the institute fosters links between scholarship and international affairs. It is home to the South Asia Center and to programs and research on Latin America.

The Center for Policy Research, Maxwell School
The center was formed in 1993 and encompasses the Metropolitan Studies and Aging Studies programs and is the administrative home of the University Gerontology Center. Faculty and students in the center conduct a broad range of interdisciplinary research in the areas of aging, disability, social welfare, income security policy, domestic urban issues, and public finance.

The Center for Environmental Policy and Administration, Maxwell School
Founded in 1994, the center prepares students for the challenges of governance and citizenship in a world in which environmental concerns are increasingly complex.

The Environmental Finance Center, Maxwell School
Established in 1994, the center is one of six funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It focuses primarily on developing education services and training opportunities to support more effective and efficient use of environmental services.

The Yenawine Institute for Corporate-Community Partnerships, School of Social Work (College of Human Services and Health Professions)
Founded in 1994, the institute provides opportunities for the Central New York business and human services communities to collaborate and share expertise, to strengthen the workplace, and to advance the well-being of the larger community.

The Institute of Manufacturing Enterprises, L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS)
Established in 2000, the institute focuses on building educational and research synergies with regional and national manufacturers.

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