Mindful of its status as a neighbor and as a contributing member of the wider community, Syracuse University reached out in new ways to improve the quality of life in the Syracuse area. This was evident not only in the Universityís economic impact, but also in the hundreds of thousands of hours logged by student, faculty, and staff volunteers across the region.


Community Links

The Center for Public and Community Service
Created in 1994, CPCS promotes, supports, facilitates, and recognizes public and community service as a fundamental part of the teaching and learning experience for the Universityís students, faculty, and staff. The center serves as a liaison for credit courses that require community service and for special service projects on and off campus, and sponsors the annual Chancellorís Awards for Public Service.
    Outstanding projects under the direction of CPCS include: the Literacy Corps, an effort by 150 student tutors working with 1,800 at-risk children at 23 sites in the area; the Writing Studio, where students collaborate on brochures, web sites, and other materials for area nonprofit organizations; and the School of Management mentoring program, which matches students with children at the Huntington School.

Economic Impact
The University is an integral member of the community. Itís one of the top three employers in the area, and it is a source of revenue through taxes and other payments and from the hundreds of special events that draw millions of visitors to the area each year. The University and the community enrich each other through cultural events, civic participation, and other mutually beneficial exchanges.


The number of women in the non-faculty workforce has increased slightly over the decade. In the ranks of executive and professional positions, the number of women has increased significantly.

Neighborhood Patrol Initiative
A partnership among the University, the Syracuse Police Department, and the neighborhood, this program responds to area residentsí concerns and quality-of-life issues. Since the initiative was implemented in 1999, the number of incidents has been drastically reduced.

The University/Community Partnership
This initiative is a multifaceted approach to addressing recurring problems in the neighborhood east of the Main Campus. The partnership includes representatives from SUNY ESF, Le Moyne College, City of Syracuse departments, neighborhood organizations, and students. Work has focused on three major areas: the Neighborhood Patrol Initiative (see above), enforcement of underage drinking laws, and fire/safety code enforcement.


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