Today working at SU means not only accepting change, but welcoming it. This is evident in a new ability to examine processes and adjust them to fit the current situation, a commitment to personal growth through education and training, and a pervasive expectation of service not only to students, family members, and visitors, but to each other as well.

The Syracuse University Improving Quality (SUIQ) program was implemented in 1992 as an adaptation of the successful Total Quality Management programs in place in businesses and nonprofit organizations across the country. The ongoing program has resulted in a number of improved processes, which in turn have enhanced quality and efficiency in every area of campus life.

New Benefits
In 1998, after a thorough study of employee needs and desires, the Office of Human Resources introduced a new benefits program. Among the options newly available were dental insurance, flexible spending accounts for medical needs and child care, home and auto insurance, increased cash grants for dependent tuition, adoption expense reimbursement, increased life insurance, and optional supplemental life insurance.

New Approach to Staff Compensation
In 2000 a new system for classifying staff positions was implemented. Categories were trimmed from 20 levels to 7, and a more comprehensive system of employee evaluations was introduced to facilitate the recognition of staff members and to assist supervisors in supporting employee development.

PeopleServices Implementation
As part of the overall campus technology evolution to a client server model, the PeopleServices software program was implemented in 2000 to streamline payroll, hiring, and other staff-related functions.

Steve Sartori

Barbara Dzielak and her son, David, pose at the SU Bookstore, where Barbara works. Thanks to the dependent tuition program, David was able to study at SU and earn a bachelor's degree in 2001 from the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education.


The number of women in the non-faculty workforce has increased slightly over the decade. In the ranks of executive and professional positions, the number of women has increased significantly.


With the growth in the number of women faculty, SU's percentage distribution matches the national average at doctoral institutions.

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