Visitors to Syracuse University frequently remark on the beauty of our campus. Well-tended grounds and charming buildings are important, of course. But the real story is the constant effort to maintain the physical plant, to build new facilities and renovate others where necessary, and to adapt to high-speed changes in technology.


Upgraded Teaching Facilities
Classrooms               97

Auditoriums              8

Laboratories            57

High-Speed Internet Access in the Residence Halls
The high-speed Internet access project began in 1997 with 5 wired residence halls serving approximately 500 student rooms. By 2001, 134 buildings had been wired, providing Internet service to 3,500 student rooms.


New Construction

Eggers Hall
The 131,000-gross-square-foot facility, named for the late Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers, was completed in 1994.

Winifred MacNaughton Hall
The 56,030-gross-square-foot addition to the College of Law complex was completed in 1998.

Marilyn and Bill Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion
Dedicated in October 2000, this 25,000-square-foot facility features a regulation hockey rink and a smaller, studio rink.

Joseph and Shawn Lampe Athletics Complex
The athletics department made numerous improvements to its facilities in the past decade, including the 1997 dedication of the athletics complex named in honor of Joseph O. Lampe 53, G55, chair of the SU Board of Trustees, and his wife, Shawn. The Roy Simmons Sr. Coaches Center was built in 1995 and dedicated in 1998, and the George R. Iocolano and William C. Petty Football Wing was constructed in 1991 and named in 1996. The complex also features the renovated 2,700-seat Coyne Field, the new 1,500-seat soccer stadium, a 400-meter track, and football, lacrosse, field hockey, and soccer practice fields. In addition, a softball field was built at Skytop in 1999.

Peter Finger Eggers Hall was built in 1994.


There has been a modest increase in the overall physical plant in the past 10 years. The Academic Space Plan calls for an increase of 10 percent in available academic and administrative space in the near future.

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