The National Securities Studies Program, Maxwell School
In 1996, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) awarded the Maxwell Schoolís Executive Education Program an $8.1 million contract to deliver a three-tiered integrated program of academic and practical instruction to the DoDís highest level personnel. The contract was renewed in February 2001. To date, 800 senior civilian and military leaders have participated in the program.

The Zurenda Fund for Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Research,
School of Social Work (College of Human Services and Health Professions)

This program was introduced in 1996 to acquaint social work students with the substance abuse issues they will face in the field.

The Rosamond Gifford Community Exchange Forums, School of Social Work
(College of Human Services and Health Professions)
Created in 1999, these forums promote collaboration and dialogue on community problems by diverse groups.

Non-Credit Program in the English Language Institute (ELI), Syracuse University Continuing Education (SUCE)
This program was established in 1999 for corporate-sponsored international students in partnership with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. ELI provides flexible and individualized instruction to enhance the English language skills of auditors, tax lawyers, and management consultants from Central and South America.

The Leadership Institute, SUCE
Established in 2000 for corporations and nonprofit organizations, the institute blends training strategies to develop excellence in leadership, sales and marketing, project management, integrated manufacturing, and strategies for change.

Syrtis (Syracuse University Technology-enhanced Instructional Solutions), SUCE
This business unit was created in 2001 to provide innovative educational design and development services to external and internal customers.

The Program in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises,
School of Management

This program became an undergraduate major in 1995 and a graduate concentration in 1997. It was incorporated into the M.B.A. and undergraduate core curricula in 1998 and 2000.

M.B.A. Web-Based Independent Study Program, School of Management
This programís courses moved to the Internet in 1998. Each course has its own web site allowing for faculty-student and student-student interaction.

Partnership with Caliber, School of Management
This distance-learning program, established in 2000, delivers the M.B.A. upgrade program in its entirety, as well as individual course modules, to corporations using Caliberís Internet-based technologies.

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