New Faculty Orientation Program
This program was revived in 1996 in an effort to reduce the sense of isolation that can be felt by new faculty. It includes a full day of orientation and social occasions to welcome new faculty into the community of scholars and teachers.

Professional Development and Support Program for Academic Department Chairs
This program, established in 1995, assists department chairs by bringing them together for a summer retreat and for meetings with the Chancellor and vice chancellor during the year where concerns can be aired and solutions shared.

The Vision Fund
This initiative, which began in 1999, promotes visionary and creative ideas to improve teaching and learning. Both individual grants (up to $5,000) and school, college, and interdepartmental grants (between $10,000 and $30,000) are available.

Syracuse Symposium
Established in 2000 and housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, this symposium is a series of University-wide, academically oriented events based on a common theme. The first symposium, Poetry: Moving Language/Language Moving, took place in spring 2001.

Improvements in the Teaching Assistants (TA) Program, Graduate School
Already a national model in developing the future professoriate, the TA program was enhanced significantly in the past decade: A series of faculty teaching mentors seminars was initiated to help foster disciplinary and interdisciplinary thinking; teaching associateships were created for graduate students who wish to perform advanced teaching activities under a faculty mentor; and a Certificate in University Teaching was established for teaching associates who complete a program of professional development and produce an effective teaching portfolio.


John Dowling

SU Literacy Corps member Kenisha Bonner ’02 tutors a Syracuse elementary school student.

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