Courtesy of David Gamble
Faculty, staff, and students from the Community Design Center (CDC) present a check for $25,000 to the Wilson Park Community Center after a team of CDC students won first place in the 2001 JP Morgan Chase Community Development Competition.

The Gene Media Forum, Newhouse School
Established in 2000, the forum helps media cover the ongoing revolution in genetic science by providing story ideas and sources to journalists, arranging panel discussions and symposia, and maintaining a web site.

Zimbabwe Center, Division of International Programs Abroad
Established in 1993, the center offers College of Arts and Sciences courses with a focus on African and African American studies. The center has been temporarily closed because of the unstable political situation in Zimbabwe.

Hong Kong Center, Division of International Programs Abroad
Established in 1996, the center offers College of Arts and Sciences and School of Management courses focused on international business, politics, and economics.

The Community Design Center, School of Architecture
Established in 1998, the center provides opportunities for interdisciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research on design, development, and policy proposals in association with nonprofit groups, local residents, community and government leaders, and professional organizations in Syracuse and the surrounding region. The center has received two Chancellorís Awards for Public Service and placed first (2001) and second (2000) in the JP Morgan Chase Community Development competitions in New York City.

The Ballentine Center for the Study of Securities Markets, School of Management
This center was created in 1992 to offer students an unparalleled education in securities markets. Among its offerings are a resource room, seminars in investing and finance, trading simulations, internships, a student investment club, and a lecture series.

The Michael J. Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship, School of Management
Reflecting the schoolís focus on entrepreneurial management, the center supports research projects to broaden the understanding of entrepreneurial theory and practice. Founded in 1998, it arranges student internships, brings renowned entrepreneurs to campus, and holds conferences and seminars.

The Earl V. Snyder Innovation Management Center, School of Management
This center, established in 1994, is dedicated to the study and understanding of innovation: how it works, its continuous advancement, and its management.

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