The Academic Institute for Educators of Adults, School of Education
This interdisciplinary initiative was created in 1998 in partnership with the schools/colleges/divisions of human development, nursing, social work, management, information studies, continuing education, the Maxwell School, and area businesses.

The Central New York Work Keys Center, School of Education
Established in 1998, the center offers a complete spectrum of job analysis, skills assessment, instructional support, and training services for employers, job seekers, and students. The center has become a model for many other employment-oriented programs in the area.

The Center for Global Law and Practice, College of Law
Designed to offer students a unique blend of theory and experience, this center focuses on such topics as technological developments, increasing economic interdependence among nations, and post-Cold War issues. It was founded in 1996.

The Family Law and Social Policy Center, College of Law
This center offers students opportunities to study and work in a particular area of law. The centerís interdisciplinary nature requires students to bring not only legal sources to bear on an issue but to access other disciplines as well. It was founded in 1994.

The Center for Law and Business Enterprise, College of Law
This center was created in 1994 for students interested in careers in corporate law, business, or general practice. The centerís primary focus is on student learning and preparation for practice, with faculty research and development and community service also emphasized.

The Center for the Study of Popular Television, Newhouse School
This center, established in 1997, includes an archive of video and audio interviews with television pioneers and a professional-in-residence program that brings television producers and directors to campus. The center has gained a national reputation, thanks to thousands of references in print and broadcast media.


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