Randa Jabbour and Rachel Hodgetts provide commentary in the press box overlooking the track and field facility at Liverpool High School.

TrackMeets.com continues to expand into new areas of coverage, but remains true to its core purpose. A new contract with the converted track and field facility at the 168th Street Armory in New York City adds 85 live meets to the company’s webcasts from December through March. “Give me three years and you’ll be able to go to TrackMeets.com any day of the week and watch live events,” Jabbour says. “Last fall we had 134 hours of live track and field on the web. We were the only company with regularly scheduled web productions. Many TV stations put their signals out on the web as well, in very poor quality. But we had complete productions from the ground up with a camera crew, sound crew, directors, producers, computer engineers, and web engineers.” Though TrackMeets.com webcasts have achieved television quality, Jabbour has no interest in seeing them replace the medium. “Our interest is in providing the value-added integration of all the media.”
      Intern Taubman notes that such competitors as NBC and ESPN have yet to match TrackMeets.com’s video quality. “It’s hard to believe that here in Syracuse, we’re so far ahead of these multibillion-dollar companies,” she says. “Go to ESPN’s web site and you see a 10-second video clip. And these are the companies that are supposed to be ahead. Dr. Jabbour has pushed himself so far ahead of everyone else, it’s hard not to be excited about it and all the possibilities.”

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