Clad in bright school colors, runners round the bend and head into the backstretch, feet flying over the red rubberized track surface. A camera picks up the leaders, then pans back to follow the progress of the rest of the pack. By the time the lead runners reach the next curve, another camera has them in focus, and the crowd in the stands cheers wildly as the runners enter the homestretch. The neck-and-neck finish is captured by a third camera located across the finish line, and soon the runners’ times flash across the screen. It could be a television broadcast, but it’s not. The track meet is transmitted live over the World Wide Web, where it can be seen by virtually anyone with a good Internet connection and a browser pointed at the web site of, a four-year-old company based at SU’s CASE (Computer Applications and Software Engineering) Center.
      The company, which specializes in live and on-demand coverage of athletic events, is the brainchild of computer engineering professor Kamal Jabbour. Its student interns—drawn mainly from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science—gain valuable experience directing, producing, and webcasting a range of live and time-delayed events. “This opportunity is not something you’d get anywhere else,” says Lauryn Taubman, a junior in Newhouse’s Television-Radio-Film Program, who works as a director and producer for “No other company allows interns to produce and direct programs.” The company’s motto is “Every Lap of Every Race,” but in addition to offering webcasts of track meets, footraces, and other amateur and professional sporting events, lends its unique technology to business and community applications.
      “My dream four years ago was to have a student-created and -run corporation to compete in the real world,” says Jabbour, who has taught at SU for 18 years. “What we are doing today, nobody else is doing.”

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