Syracuse University Magazine

Chancellor's Message


The spring edition of this magazine is published as we celebrate Commencement, an event with dual meanings. The degree-conferring ceremony honors past achievements while also representing the beginning of new adventures, with expectations and aspirations. Commencement allows us to reflect on the past and look forward to the future at the same time.  

This is a university rich in tradition built on values that persist through time. This is also a university that prides itself on discovery, innovation, and bold thinking. Every day at Syracuse University, we take what we have learned from the past to create an inspiring vision for the future.  

Consider the typeface used in this issue of the magazine, for instance. Last year, we decided that the visual element to our brand identity needed to be refreshed, most especially in the digital space where prospective students search for something that stands out as distinctive. A lot of research was done before a perfect visual element, grounded in our unique history, was discovered. For the first time, our new official typeface is featured on the pages of this magazine, however its genesis can be found in our Special Collections Research Center. As described in an Orange Matters article in this edition, how a century-old typeface was rejuvenated using 21st-century technology is a fascinating example of how Syracuse looking back helps us move forward.

The University is just three years away from its 150th anniversary in 2020, and there is much to accomplish before we celebrate that milestone. The planners for this sesquicentennial celebration will mine our long history looking for the most interesting artifacts, events, and discoveries that shaped who we are today. No doubt they will also be inspired by the stories in this magazine and in Syracuse University Archives. They will discover many things Syracuse has done first or differently or better.

The advances we make between now and 2020 will be noteworthy and worthy of celebrating as well. With an Academic Strategic Plan and a Campus Framework to chart our course, and deeply rooted shared values to guide us, we are well positioned to thrive as we move into a new phase of excellence.  

We will enhance a campus environment that reinforces inclusion, diversity, and engagement with community. We will continue to invest in research and discovery and expand our global reach. And we will proudly watch thousands of our graduates walk across the stage at Commencement, knowing we have prepared them well to leave their mark on the world, as we look forward to reading about their legacies in future magazines. 


Kent Syverud
Chancellor and President