Syracuse University Magazine

Chancellor's Message


A lot is happening at Syracuse, including in the newly restored Hotel Syracuse, now known as the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. I was there recently congratulating recipients of the Melvin A. Eggers Senior Alumni Award at our annual Orange Central reunion weekend, which attracted more than 1,600 alumni.  

The old Hotel Syracuse, which opened in 1924, had powerful meaning for the University, and the larger community. It was the centerpiece for countless campus dances, dinners, and events. At least five American presidents stayed there. Yet the hotel appeared doomed for demolition after falling into disrepair and closing its doors in 2004.

But that didn’t happen. It was fully restored during the past two years, becoming one of the truly spectacular hotels in Central New York. It was a privilege to witness the joyous disbelief of our alumni as they marveled at the restoration. As you’ll learn in this magazine, many of the dreamers and visionaries who saved the hotel were University graduates. The key player was Ed Riley ’78, who led the development team.

The strategy was simple: If you sustain and honor a beautiful heritage, while embracing innovation, diversity, and technology, the result can be triumphant.

That too is the Syracuse way. A similar philosophy is playing out across our campus. The beautiful Einhorn Family Walk, formerly University Place, is a singular dramatic result of the new Campus Framework strategy. That walkway is not simply a celebration of the future: It offers a new level of personal interaction in the heart of campus near the iconic landmarks that help to identify this University.

The same is true for the National Veterans Resource Complex, which we plan for construction soon. The goal is to provide the best University experience in the world for military veterans and their families. The Military Times recently recognized this effort at Syracuse, ranking our University as the number-one private school for veterans.

This magazine is filled with other examples of faculty, students, and alumni who are doing great things at Syracuse. I thank those of you who have helped me make this possible.

Kent Syverud
Chancellor and President