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chancellor Syverud

This summer issue of Syracuse University Magazine features people. From Jay Cox’s tribute to journalist Charnice Milton G’11 in Opening Remarks all the way to the closing profile of our new athletic director, Mark Coyle, this issue touches on the contributions of scores of Syracuse people who have made a difference in many fields.

Each story is moving in its own way, but together they capture the breadth of what happens through this University—which is to say, what happens because of the people here. Harriet Brown’s book Body of Truth will open the eyes of thousands to the hidden and not-so-hidden costs of our obsession with body weight. The essence of shared-learning between faculty and students is captured in profiles of the mentoring relationships between Jason Dedrick and Terrance Andersen ’15, Steve Davis and Nicki Gorny ’15, Rob Doyle and Rachael Burke ’15, Romita Ray and Brooke Baerman ’15, and Jonathan Hanson and Bo Stewart ’15. The long-tailed impact of a Syracuse education shines through in the remarkable firsts achieved by 13 women from here. And few will not be moved by the posthumous recognition and story of Congressional Medal of Honor recipient William Shemin ’24 and his family.

Syracuse University is about people. It is humbling to realize how much talent and potential people arrive here with. It is not always obvious on the surface that each new student or faculty member or staff member has been the beneficiary of so much hard work, by parents and grandparents and teachers and mentors and coaches. Yet all that hard work and inspiration lie just under the surface, sometimes shining out in dazzling ways.

Each of us who works here has a responsibility to all those parents, and grandparents, and teachers. Because of their hard work, we get to work with and for Syracuse people who have incredible potential. Indeed, each new Syracuse person has the potential to do all the amazing things you see profiled in this issue of the magazine.

As so many of our new students and new faculty and staff arrive here for the start of the academic year, I hope we all remember their potential, and our responsibility to those who made it possible. The people starting here this fall will be profiled not so far in the future in a publication like this one—and we should not presume to know which ones will go the farthest. Let’s treat each one as having the potential to lead the world. Because Syracuse people, including those starting this fall, really will do so.


Kent Syverud
Chancellor and President