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Krista Canfield '03

Travels in the Tech World

In considering a recent career move, Krista Canfield had three criteria: What new types of people would she like to meet; would her new supervisor be someone she could trust and feel inspired by; and would she be passionate about the company’s work? She found the ideal match at Gogobot, a travel research and local discovery application and website established in 2010 in Menlo Park, California. Canfield stepped into the role of vice president of corporate communications there in December 2014. “Gogobot’s mission is to help people find great places to stay, eat, and play that are perfect for them,” says Canfield, former senior manager of corporate communications at LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking website. “My job is spreading the word about what we’re up to over here. I have a penchant for doing that at smaller companies no one’s heard of, with the goal of hopefully turning them into something everyone does become aware of.”

Although Canfield loved working at LinkedIn, and calls it “a fantastic company and a really hard place to leave,” after spending seven years there, she felt ready for a new adventure. During that time frame, she contributed to the company’s growth from 200 employees and 18 million members to more than 6,000 employees worldwide and 332 million members. And as she helped the business thrive, she did some professional flourishing of her own. In 2013 and 2014, she was recognized by Business Insider as one of the 50 best public relations people in the technology industry. She was also the World Technology Network’s 2014 World Technology Award winner in the marketing communications category. 

One reason the new position at Gogobot appealed to her so much is the opportunity to share with others her “epic passion” for travel. “Every time I travel, I write in a Word doc or journal about the streets I enjoyed walking down, the neighborhoods that were pretty cool, the shops I thought were interesting,” says Canfield, who has visited countries all around the world with one of her favorite travel companions—her dad (pictured together at Machu Picchu, Peru). “So when I heard Gogobot helps people discover those hidden gems—I thought, this is the perfect fit for me. It’s a great story to tell.”

Becoming a skillful storyteller has been part of Canfield’s plan since her days at SU, where she earned dual bachelor’s degrees in broadcast journalism from the Newhouse School and finance from the Whitman School of Management. But she never would have guessed as a college student that she would one day be working at a technology company in California. “That’s why I love talking to students, because I remember being in school and thinking, ‘I’ve got to define the rest of my life,’” says Canfield, a member of the School of Information Studies Board of Advisors who regularly hosts students during Spring Break in Silicon Valley. She was also the school’s Convocation speaker in May. “But it doesn’t work that way,” she says. “People make career changes and transitions and life takes different paths. It’s all very serendipitous, but it’s usually not a straight line. What matters most is working on something you really enjoy. That way, it doesn’t really feel like work at all.”    —Amy Speach