Syracuse University Magazine

Chancellor's Message


I am often asked the questions: What makes Syracuse University distinctive? How will you build upon these strengths in the execution of a new strategic vision? Many of the answers are found in the pages of this magazine. There’s the student-run firm at the Whitman School of Management, where students learn to embrace change and drive entrepreneurship. There are new piggeries in Uganda, where students help create income opportunities in the poorest parts of the world. Also fascinating is the most sophisticated science laboratory on Earth, where the Big Bang theory is not just TV entertainment. In these online pages, you will find reasons to be proud and to be excited about the future of your University.

The Fall/Winter issue of Syracuse University Magazine is filled with fascinating stories of discovery, wonder, and achievement. It highlights the many ways the work of the University—the work of students, faculty, and alumni—touches our lives, our communities, and the world.

From the sciences to the arts to collaborations spanning the disciplines, scholarly activity at Syracuse takes on many dimensions. I encourage you to read about the work of faculty from a dozen departments who together will redefine what it means to grow older through the University’s Aging Studies Institute. Certainly, their collaborative work will touch every single one of us during our lifetime and is critically important to policy makers, health care providers, businesses, and others.

Also, think about the implications for a team of lawyers, engineers, computer scientists, economists, and others who are driving advances in cybersecurity.  We have seen far too many dangerous vulnerabilities and damaging lapses in security in our deeply interconnected world. Imagine how brilliant minds at your University can strengthen security and make us all safer.  

Tucked in this online issue of the magazine are inspiring stories of artists, musicians, educators, conservationists, and human rights advocates who have pursued their passions through their studies and shared their gifts with the world. They are my sources of inspiration and optimism. They create the energy that is the spirit and vision of Syracuse University.

Our University is incredibly blessed to have deep and wide-ranging strengths across the liberal arts, sciences, humanities, and professional studies. Our students and faculty are engaging together to find solutions to the world’s urgent challenges, better understand the universe, or stir our hearts and minds through the arts.

These are just a few of the diverse types of scholarship that define a great international research university. They span the disciplines. They spawn discovery. And they touch and enhance our lives in important and wondrous ways.


Kent Syverud
Chancellor and President