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Connecting Opportunities

Multidisciplinary project aims to heighten presence of women faculty in science-related fields

SU People

A Model Citizen’s Journey

Blessed Unami Sikhosana

Alumni Journal

A century ago, a restless former SU student, Carl Stearns Clancy, became the first official ’around-the-world’ motorcyclist

Fast Forward


SU recruitment keeps step with the 21st century.

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A Survivor’s Journey


A year ago, Stephen Barton graduated from SU and set off on a cross-country bicycle trip—only to have his life nearly taken away in the Aurora, Colorado, theater shootings. Today, he is dedicated to changing the country’s attitude about gun violence.

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In The Fracking Zone


SU geologists and a College of Law alum help chart New York’s stake in global energy production as prospects for widespread shale gas development carry monumental repercussions on political, economic, public health, and environmental fronts.

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Passion Meets Transformation


The Campaign for Syracuse University concludes with a total of $1,044,352,779.

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Video Extras

View the video about the Grove Press exhibition.

Alumni Reflections

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People give to Syracuse University for many reasons. But regardless of the reason, at the heart of each gift is the desire to make a difference—to provide the SU community with the means to change lives, communities, and the world for the better.

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