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The Newhouse School honored NBC sportscaster Bob Costas ’74 as the first recipient of the Marty Glickman Award for Leadership in Sports Media.

Photos by Eric Weiss

Spotlight on Sportscasting

An array of sports media and entertainment industry luminaries gathered in New York City on August 24 to celebrate the launch of the Newhouse Sports Media Center and to fete NBC sportscaster and Newhouse alumnus Bob Costas ’74 as he received the school’s first ever Marty Glickman Award for Leadership in Sports Media, named for the SU alumnus and pioneer in sports broadcasting.

Costas, who was presented the award by CBS sportscaster Marv Albert ’63, recalled listening to Glickman on the radio as a kid and noted the award meant a great deal to him because of its link to his childhood, the University, the profession, and the friendships he’s forged. “It [the award] represents one of the most cherished friendships of my life because of how good Marty was to me, as he was to so many, and by connection so many other friendships, other faces around this room that are connected  to the University, connected to Marty, and connected to our shared profession,” Costas said. “This represents a good portion of my life, and therefore it’s one of the great honors of my life.”

The event also marked the premiere of the HBO documentary film Glickman, directed by James L. Freedman, which tells the story of Glickman ’39, a former Olympic athlete and legendary sportscaster known for his colorful broadcasts of many New York professional sports teams. Following the screening, Costas and Freedman joined Albert in a discussion titled “Memories of Marty.”

Glickman’s legacy marks the beginning of the Newhouse School’s reputation for turning out more talented sports journalists than any other program in the country, leading SU to be hailed as an “incubator” of American sportscasters by Sports Illustrated. The Newhouse Sports Media Center builds upon the Newhouse School’s strength in sports journalism. The center, under the guidance of program director John Nicholson ’68, a veteran broadcast journalist and professor of practice, will provide oversight for the school’s sports communications emphasis, a specialized track for graduate students, and strengthen academic-industry partnerships through an alumni board, special events, and guest lectures. “The Newhouse Sports Media Center has established itself as the gold standard [for sports journalism],” Albert said. “And from the sportscasting point of view, it all began with Marty Glickman. He paved the way; he influenced so many of us.”  —Wendy S. Loughlin


Bob Costas ’74 and Marv Albert ’63


Costas joined CBS sportscaster Marv Albert ’63 (left) and James L. Freedman (center), director of the documentary Glickman, in a discussion about the pioneering sportscaster’s life and impact on the profession.